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  1. Hey guys! Guess what? I'm going to OZZY tonite! Man I can't wait! I wonder what he will open with? I really hope he plays MrCrowley cause that is my fave song! Anyway I hope to be higher than ten heads at 8:00 tonite!! Then, after the concert, its on to Bourbon Street! In the immortal words of Homer Simpson......WOO HOO!
  2. How's it feel..going after the rails of a crazy train...I'll bet your'e ..waiting for darkness...I'll take a ,,shot in the dark...by saying I'll bet you hear...mr crowley...and be sure to realize the ,,diary of a madman....can take you ,,over the mountain..when you get there you can say,,,momma i'm comin home...
  3. Have fun! I like Ozzy too. That was cool, Ndica.!
  4. You got the nail on the head. And Suicide Solution, Parniod, Bark at the Moon, 2 new ones(excellent) and a rippin guitar solo which lead into another rippin version of The Star Spangled Banner!!! The whole arena was singing it at the top of their lungs! It almost drowned out Zach Wilde! Ozzy is a god. He rode onto the stage from the air in a jet sleigh and a santa hat! He passed out posters and papers from the air to the crowd, we went nuts. Rob Zombie played( as well as Soil and Mudvein) and his stage set kicked ass! The pyros were the bomb too!! But the best part was the continuous stream of joints that kept passing thru my row! It was magic! As soon as the lights went out for Ozzy, I would guess 99% of the arena lit up!! I have been to heaven and I can wait to go back!!!!!!
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  5. I'm going to Aerosmith in December, I hope everybody lights up and passes them my way to.
  6. I'm so jealous!!! Ozzy is a god and Stephen Tyler has been givin me goosebumps since I was 15!!!!! Love 'em!!!

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