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  1. What do you get when you mix Les Claypool (of Primus fame), Trey Anastasio (lead man of Phish) and Stewart Copeland (drummer for The Police)?? AN AWESOMELY INGENIOUS BAND THAT'S WHAT!
    On Friday Phishhead and I went to go see Oysterhead @ the Greek Theatre in Berkeley (my favorite place to be!) not knowing what to expect.
    I was curious to see what they would come up with - Les with the quirky funky dominating bass licks and infectous energy... Trey with his uplifting magic of course, and Copeland's magnetic drums.. I was excited and anticipating, at worst, an interesting show.. But I was amazed - it was so incredible!
    What a friendly stoner crowd too... We saw a guy we saw at a show back in August so it was cool :) but everyone around us was just in this Oysterhead vibe. They're a very FUNKY fabulous band, I can't imagine many people would DISLIKE their music.
    They have some weird lyrics, and make some unique sounds but that's what music is all about - experimenting with sound to find new ways to express ourselves... Trey and Les kept coming out with instruments that made sounds that I have never seen nor heard before, it was so amazing. They had me entertained every magical moment. These three were literally feeding off each others' energy and enthusiasm.
    Les Claypool is the MAN! So is Trey Anastasio! So is Stewart Copeland! They rocked so hard! :)
    I only wish I could follow their tour everywhere. That's how awesome this band is! Check them out, I am in love ~
    Just wanted to share :) Hope this is an OK place to put this!


    p.s. if you do check them out or already have let me know what you think about oysterhead! i am curious to hear what other people think of them :) :)
  2. Heh, nice to know I'm not the only Claypool fan here :) Got all his albums, primus, Frog Brigade, Holy Mackeral, Sausage, and Oysterhead.Him and Stanley Clarke are the best two bassists alive.
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    Oysterhead is fucking awesome. Claypool+Anastasio+Copeland is a brilliant idea :D. Have you guys checked out Claypool's new album? It's called Of Fungi and Foe- definitely worth checking out! :smoking:


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