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  1. Anyone know side effects...

    I smoke a lot of weed and turned to "O" for a quick pick me up... anyone know side effects or bad things that can happen... cuz it gives you a quick and nice body high... that anyone would love :D

  2. it can give you a really nice addiction not to mention crazy itchyness and vomitting.

    legal heroin.

    not trying to knock it or anything, but those are the side effects.... only some people get them though, it also depends on how yyou take them.
  3. swallow not snort :/
  4. yeah i just took one before first block and then another before second and now i am feeling just great, i am just proud to say that i am a full flege stoner. and i really want a blunt like right this minute. lol cant wait until schools out,. just gonna go by tinas and relax wit a nice fatty.
  5. oxycontin legal?

    is it gravy?
  6. stupid shit.....stick ta weed it will never do ya harm

  7. its a pharmeceutical... so its legal to some extent i'd guess you say.

    it's given to people in etreme chronic pain and cancer patients...

    basically it's legal as long as your prescribed it.
  8. It's an opiate, so it's going to be pretty similar to morphine, codeine, heroin, etc. I would advise against using it habitually for recreation.

  9. damn fine words... persoanlly, i think that stuff is the devil.... i've never even done it but know a few people who's lives its ruined....

  10. Oxycontins were certainly developed by something evil!!!!!! I have battled a 4 yr addiction with the damn stuff. There are days when I don't even want to get out of bed if I don't have at least a 40. And I just wish I had a portion of the money I've spent on oxycontins alone. Not to mention I nearly lost my nursing license and was arrested for the damn things.

    Definitely stick to marijuana. OC's may start out as a pick me up but they are evil little devils.

    Peace and love............
  11. like gravy said its legal heroin, beware and dont crush it all up and swallow it.... according to some paramedic it'll cause an instant overdose because its made to be time released.

    if your going to take it just chomp it once so the time release coating is broke, and then pop some seraquil with it if ya wanna feel paralyzed, haha you'll be to stuck to itch yourself.

    you can also melt it down and shoot it up, but i wouldnt do that, if your gonna shoot it up jus get some heroin n make it worth it. waht i'm sayin is jus dont shoot it up.

    peace n be safe wit that stuff
  12. its not legal heroin, thats stupid. just because its an opiate, doesnt mean its heroin. heroins made from morphine, not souped up codeine. and besides, heroin has a worse name than it deserves.
  13. How's it going Samus? Havn't seen ya around in awhile...

    Good to see ya again! :D

  14. haha dude its called a comparison, and yea ur right heroin does got a bad name but so does coke, and coke is cool if ya ask me.
  15. hey what up indiana, havent been here much lately. topics about drugs other than weed usually spark my interest.

    negligent, i agree, coke is cool :)
  16. I've heard that it'll kill you if you take it with other drugs, especially alcohol... and if you take it by itsself, you'll get an extreme addiction and spend all your money on 50 bucks a pill and then be a bum..

    Why can't you kids keep it natural?
  17. it wont kill you for sure if you take it with other drugs. it CAN, but it can also kill you by itself. and no, not everybody that tries it gets addicted. thats all up to the person. if they have any self control at all, they can keep from being an addict.

  18. they have bad names because people make bad choices do to much and kill themselves... its a drug that needs respect... people don't and they die... thats why its bad.
  19. any drug beginning with oxy is bad news. stay away from that shit unless its prescribed to you, and even then, tell your doctor you want something better than that garbage.

    i dont mean to preache, i dont mean to sound like your mom, but honestly, they just arent worth. and addiction creeps on you like a fucking ninja. I had a bad time with these bad boys last summer. havent touched em in like 4 months now though... havent even thought about it really.

    you may feel good for a couple hours, but weed does the same, is cheaper, is more fun, and besides, weed makes you cool, you want to be cool dont you?

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