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    I'm sure this is just one of the millions of posts on the internet about the evils of opiate/opioid addiction, and you don't wanna hear it (especially if you are currently addicted), but please just fucking read this, because honestly, so many people, including myself, have had there life completely turned upside down and controlled by pain killer or heroin addiction. I got on subutex (similar to suboxone) eventually, once I got to the point where I had about $5 to my name and no friends (besides other pathetic junkies, who by the way, ARE NOT YOUR REAL FRIENDS). I've been on subutex for 3 months now and to be honest I have only recently began to not think about OC every fucking second of my life, including in my dreams.

    I think what really pulled me through all this bullshit (besides the subutex, which no doubt is a lifesaver), is what has been going on around me recently. I just talked to my cousin in California (who's the same age and has a lot in common with me) and he is currently in an intense and long (about 2 months) oxycontin rehab program/halfway house and thank god finally getting his life back on track, after going through hell for 2 years. He was taking up to six 80mg OC's a day (thats 480mg of oxycodone a day, the equivalent of 96 percocets a day!). Right before he went to rehab he was really messed up on oxycontin and hard liquor and went around a tight turn, nodded out, flew off the road and flipped and totaled his Audi. Thank god he didn't get killed, and realized his problem was spiraling out of control, and got help.

    Unfortunately, I had another cousin, Josh, who lived close to me and was horribly addicted to heroin for years. Eventually when he was 23 my dad and a family friend helped him get off the heroin, and he was taking subutex like me. Unfortunately he was still doing coke, oxycontin, and drinking while on the subutex. Now please don't get the wrong impression of my cousin, because he was one of the most real dudes I've ever known, he would do almost ANYTHING to help the people he cared about, and I don't mean other junkies, I mean for his family, including me. Unfortunately, he had severe mental issues (most likely bi-polar). A lot of people in my family have mental issues, including myself, and a lot of people in my family also have addiction problems (which obviously is the result of an attempt to self medicate, please don't go that route, it doesn't work). A couple of years ago, Josh, 25 years old at the time, came home (he lived with his mother and her boyfriend, both very loving people) and talked to his mom's boyfriend about detailing his car (they seemed to get along just fine). My cousin then walked upstairs to his bedroom. A couple minutes later he walked back downstairs into the dining room where his mother (my aunt) and her boyfriend were sitting. He stood next to his mother's boyfriend, and then shot him killing him instantly. He then started to walk out of the room and shot himself in the head, and dropped to the ground. He was in amazingly good shape his whole life and I think that might have had something to do with the fact he didn't die instantly, like my aunts boyfriend. A cop who had personally known Josh since he was a young boy was the first person to arrive at the scene. He kept Josh alive with a hand pump, telling him over and over to just hang in there and they would be at the hospital soon. Josh's eyes were open and he was aware of his surroundings, but unable to speak. He survived on life support in the hospital long enough for them to remove his organs (he was an organ donor), then was taken off life support (he had zero chance of recovery). My cousin died at the age of 25. He had so much life ahead of him and he just had no clue because he was in a fog of euphoria from the drugs. He was an amazing artist, photographer, wrote movies, was a stunt double, tattoo artist, not to mention a fucking genius. I lost a friend and a cousin that day.

    Now I am currently dealing with my BEST friend who I've been through thick and thin together. He has been lying to me for the last 3 months about his addiction to oxycontin, and recently stole from me. He was one of the nicest people I have ever met, but now he's honestly lost his soul to the dope game. He's a completely different person than I knew. He won't go to rehab and is trying to move to Florida very soon. He says hes going there for college but the college hes going to is 30 minutes from his mother and her boyfriend, who are both long term pill addicts. Where I live OC generally goes for about a dollar a milligram, which is extremely expensive compared to Florida. He currently lives with his grandparents. His father died when he was 1 and his mom moved to Florida when he was younger, and he chose to stay here with his grandparents. I am doing everything in my power to save my best friends soul. I beg him to go to rehab but he's just always too doped up to understand how serious of a problem he has.

    Last night I talked to a good family friend, who took in my cousin Josh when he was getting off the heroin. I told him what had been happening with my best friend, who he knows well, and we decided it wouldn't help if I said something to my best friends grandparents since I'm another young guy and they might believe my best friend's lies over me, and make me out to be the bad one. My family friend is 56 and he is going to go to my best friends house today and is going to talk to the grandparents about getting my buddy help. I pray my ass off that he will finally give in and get help, but to be honest, I'm not so sure that will happen. Losing my cousin to this madness is already more than enough sadness, and I really don't know how I could handle anyone else so close to me going down the same dark path.

    PLEASE, if you or anyone you know has a problem, get help! There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I was going to post this thread on opiophile.org, but most of those people are in such denial, most wouldn't even read my post, or just post some asshole ignorant response. I know my mary jane loving brothers and sisters are more likely to listen so thats why I posted on this forum. God made herb, man made heroin and pain killers. Who do you trust?
  2. hahaha fuck reading that budd, im rxed oxy and it saves my life everyday, i would not be walking if it werent for this drug, i wouldnt do it if i didnt need it tho wayy to addictive
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    I'm not one of those crazy people that think pain medication should not exist, I know it has it's place, but I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about people that abuse it to get high. Anyways why the hell did you post if you didn't even read the thread. Please don't be so ignorant.
  4. no, i doubt anyone will stain they eyes and spend time to read that. what grade are you in, there is such things called punctuation, you should look into that and paragraphs, just some food for thought
  5. Dude honestly just stop posting if you have nothing positive to contribute. My punctuation is just fine and and I'm not in a "grade" there buddy, I'm almost 20. I don't know about you but where I'm from people are out of high school when there 17-18. Sounds like someone forgot to take there oxycontin today.
  6. Paragraphs dude.....paragraphs....
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    That's really rough, man. I can't imagine having to deal with that sort of shit even once, let alone with both family and friends. Best of luck, and I hope your friend cleans up. Keep us posted, yeah?

    I read it, and unlike your fucking useless post he had a lot to say. He's talking about coming out of an addiction, and about all the friends and family he knows who are suffering from the same thing. What the hell did you have to say? Nothing. You're nitpicking about his grammar and shit. Seriously?

    There, your post without all the grammatical errors.

    And finally, here it is without all the useless bullshit.
  8. I read it all, deep stuff. I hope your friend gets help and everything he needs. I had a friend who got way too into OC a year or two back but luckily he managed to stop before it was too late for him and he's doing fine now.
  9. Iggie just fuckin tore d-block up and rightfully so. I also read it and i hope the best for you, your friends and most of all, your family.
  10. i feel for you, your story is touching, but please make paragraphs, it is VERY hard to read like that
  11. but it feels so goood.:devious::devious:
  12. wall of text crits u for 90000 dmg.
    you die.
  13. Rough, man. I hope both you and your friend get the help you need to get your lives back on track.

    Synthetic drugs are extremely dangerous simply because they're so addictive. Your body isn't capable of metabolizing them, and the dopamine rushes they produce make it very difficult to avoid abusing them if you've only taken them for recreational purposes.

    Hang in there, man.
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    I have a cousin who was born a couple months premature, had a twin who died, (which I'm not saying led to his current mental status) and never learns from his mistakes or from what people tell him. He is constantly fighting with his ex-gf who is an ex-deadbeatcrackhead, and he for some reason wants to win her back, even though she treats him like shit, and he always tries to top her insults and bad manners.
    He is almost 30 and I honestly think he got stuck in High School, doing the same shit, chasing girls, wants fast ass cars, and is generally late to everything because he eats every minute of the day (he is a small guy, obsesses with working out, his strength makes up for his size, and he has precise health habits which interfere with his daily life, and others lives, like his boss, and his families, and he still lives with his parents.
    He is very opinionated, thinks his way is the ONLY way, and doesn't really advance in life, because he also wants to have fun a lot without consequences, which mainly waste time and money for him (although being a moderate drug user, never having problems with drugs.)

    But, my point is that his childish choices cause him to be bothersome to others, and also he lacks the common sense to forget his ex, who has definitely moved on.
    He is definitely being dragged behind by his choices (its hard to explain their unusuality as no one here can relate to this situation), but in other words, everyone in his family is scared that he will do something stupid to his ex, or because of her (he has homicidal and suicidal thoughts, which he stupidly shares with anyone who will listen).

    Some history: my family is big, my great-gma had 15 kids, and all my grandmas/grandpas/aunts/uncles/cousins are all very close who came from my great grandma and grandpa] -- my cousin's dad, my uncle, was a doctor in the USSR, so he tells us what to do when we have any illness that doesn't require a trip to American healthcare facilities, and these remedies have a long history of success, and all that junk. (He is going on 70, but doesn't look a day over 40, haha, seriously, not even his face, and his hair is less than 50% grays as well), but my uncle struggles to make ends meet, since his USSR education means nothing here, and we love him dearly, so it would be so dissappointing to see his son do some dumbass shit over a girl, an insult, a fight, a street-race, or even possibly drugs.

    Anyway, I think the ONLY way to fix him, is for my friends/family and I to kidnap him (not let him know that it is us), tie him up in a hotel room or to a tree out in the woods, and talk to him about his choices and his future and his loved ones for hours, and make him understand that he does stupid things that will get him nowhere, and that he needs to be less judgmental of others. I don't think it would be wise to beat the shit out of him, as he never forgets a wrong-doing and will seek revenge every day, but I think we should bore him to death with people explaining to him how he is being bothersome to others and how many people care about him.

    What I am trying to say is that maybe you can kidnap your best-friend who is addicted to painkillers (yes I have seen what these things do to people, completely change them, but it is worth a shot), and tie him to a tree, and wean him off of the painkillers yourself by feeding him less and less, then once he is done with withdrawal, gotten better, and completely non-dependent upon the drug, then start telling him what he is doing to himself, how that hurts his friends, family, and shit. You could hire some organization to do an intervention, but I think this method is more effective. In fact, I would say that you could make this a multiple-day ordeal, since opiate withdrawal takes time.

    In other words, sometime the old-fashioned way is the best way to deal with current problems/events.

    Ha, sorry if I wrote too much, but this is the only way I know how to explain.
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    Well I fixed my post so it's no longer one giant paragraph. I took a massive bong hit of sour diesel before I typed the thread so I think that might have had something to do with the fact I completely forgot about using paragraphs lol.

    Anyway, yesterday my family friend went to my best friend's house who's having the problem with oxycontin. He talked to the grandparents about it. He told me they were in complete shock when they heard their grandson is snorting synthetic heroin more or less. The sad part is I asked my family friend if it seemed like the grandparents were going to actually take action and get their grandson help. He told me honestly he didn't feel as though they will.

    That bugged the hell out of me, so today I just said fuck it and went to my best friends house when just his grandparents were home. I talked to them for a good hour or so and explained in detail what was going on with their grandson and how he needed pressure from his grandparents to go to rehab. They seemed more focused on finding out where my best friend gets his pills (not knowing that in reality he buys pills from like 20 different dealers, not one particular person). They wanted me to basically snitch out all the pill dealers I know. That just will never happen because:

    A. I don't snitch, period.
    B. It won't stop my best friend from getting and doing pills, there is always going to be someone else to get his fix from.

    I honestly don't think the grandparents are going to do anything, and just let him go to Florida and destroy his life. Vendetta, like you suggested, I think the next and last thing I can really do to try to help him is to literally lock his ass up one way or another. I wouldn't even wean him off the pills though. Fuck that he should be forced to experience full on horrible withdrawals, so that way he remembers how fucked up and horrible opiates really are. He thinks he's in control when in reality hes completely powerless to the drug.
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    Well, my friend and I honestly almost got to the point of kidnapping my friend to force him to get clean. I hadn't talked to him in over two weeks and thought he was gone for sure. Then yesterday, he called my cell phone out of the blue. He told me he was going to rehab! :hello: :hello: :hello: I never thought he would but I guess all my efforts payed off. He's never been to rehab before. I visit him because I care about my boys, but also so I know he's actually at rehab and not lying to me.

    I pray he's the NOT the type of person that can never stay clean their whole life and that he IS the type that goes to rehab once and never goes back (like me, so far, thankfully). At this point he's still saying he wants to move to Florida, which is very bad, as explained in first post. Only time will tell...
  17. Wrong forum, all non-marijuana related drugs belong in Pandora's Box.
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