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  1. just wonderin if any of my fellow potheads do OC too....if so what dosages do you use to get high and how do you prepare the pills??
  2. i do it once in a blue moon. 40mgs is a good dose for me.
  3. Im not a frequent user but I do like to do it time to time. I sniff half of an 80mg and then sniff the other half about 30 minutes later. It's expensive as fuck ($35 a pill) so I only buy it when I can afford to. I enjoy it a lot with some bud and a few beers. :smoking:
  4. man...too many people I know have really fucked themselves up on that shit. too easy to OD if you're stupid about it. one kid put himself into a coma for about two weeks that was in the grade behind me in high school

    just be careful
  5. no drug is too hardcore for me...cept meth...but i dun do oc cuz it has really fucked some ppl up..its basically legal heroin...when u crush em and get rid of the time capsules in them it has almost as strong of an effect...i stick with only cannabis..buds and hash thats all i really need..o and aderall if i wanna clean my house lol
  6. I've done all of the more "common" street drugs, and all of the "Common" prescriptions (Benzo's, Opiates, Amphetamines, muscle relaxers (which all suck besides soma with opiates is nice though)

    Anyways, the Opiates have a big cross-tolerance and I was takin 2 1/2 80's (200mgs) sometimes but mostly 160mg's.

    For someone who doesnt have an opiate tolerance, i'd say 25mg's if you get nausious easy, or 40 if you dont.

    Either way, be safe and dont mix it with ANY drugs besides weed if your not sure what you're doing.
  7. I usually like to do oxy once or twice a month. 30-40mg chewed gets me nice and stoned.
  8. yeah

    i take that liquid oxycodone =D
  9. ill stick with thizzles. although i would like to try OC once to see whats up

  10. OC is legal? Erhm, not without a prescription. I would really enjoy OC a lot more if it was a legal drug.
  11. You think thats expensive. I paid 76 dollars for one, then had to cut the middle man 2 or 3 hits.
  12. once every couple weeks, about 20mg's is good for me.
  13. i have a 30mg (r)oxycodone pill think i might eat a quarter of it. with no tolerance will that do anything to me?
  14. Damn Your connections suck!:eek:
  15. love it, rail anywhere from 40-80 depending on how fucked i want to be
  16. Oxy is a great drug if you have the willpower to not do it often. It is probably my favorite but i try to only do it 1-3 times every like 4-5 weeks. I keep my tolerance low this way and it doesn't take much to have me enveloped in warm euphoria. Prices here suck bad though.
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