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  1. Here's my night... okay went to dinner with my dad and my sister (who is a mom) for mothers day right, come back around 6. My girlfriend calls me and tells me to come to her friend ashleys house (who i know very well) I go over there around 7. Then around 8 my girlfriend leaves right.

    So I'm hanging out with ashley and stuff and her sister is there shes a couple years older than me and does a ton of drugs. I used to hang out with her all the time back in the day. So then ashley leaves to go somewhere so I'm with her drunk sister and shes like lets sniff some colonapins (sp?) but they're a pain killer. So we sniff a couple... and get high right (this is the first time I've done pain killers)

    I get home and remember the oxycodones in my household. I grab one fucking snorted it. And just snorted another one and I'm fucking highhhh sorry for the gay long story but I feel greattt
  2. yikes, painkiller overload.

    haha have fun.

  3. dude you should nt have done that,see kolonipins are a tranquilizer(they shut down brain cells so you stop thinkin,thinkin too much is what causes depression and anxiety) your lucky you only did one, i had a friend (notice the HAD) he thouht it was straight to snort k's to but he snorted to many and now hes dead so i wouldnt do that anymore, trust me on this one guys im prescribed to k's and have done alot of research, ohh yeha k's are an antidepressant/antianxiety medication, they are prescribed as painkillers for people who have neurological problems
  4. I hope you railed an oxycontin not oxycodone with aspirin or APAP, Other wise thats a shitload of powder lol.

    I railed like 35 mg of oxy the other night for the first time in months and ended up puking all night it sucked. I find that 20 is my preffered railing dosage.
  5. Dude, thanks for telling me that, I won't do those again.
  6. Alot of people think there invincible and that they can't die from drugs, but people do die all the time. I just hope it doesn't happen to anyone that I know.
  7. I don't wanna sound like a dick here, but I'm pretty sure "thinking too much" has been knocked of the list of causes of depression.
  8. roxicets are the best to snort =)
  9. It sure as hell doesn't help.

  11. im not crazy about painkillers. if u have some weed to smoke with them, its kinda fun. but if u dont, ur body just kinda gets numb. i like shit that changes ur minds prospective
  12. man weed does that too...
  13. Sounds like you just railed a lot of paracetamol.

    Rail these babies

  14. all i have to say with oxy and painkillers is dont do that shit i have some close friends and fam that got fucked up off those... stick to green and natural things
  15. This is an old thread, but none the less you still need to be careful. If you railed that 160 mg OC and haven't been doing alot of painkillers, that will more than likely kill you. I had a friend who was taking an 80mg oxy every few days. but one day he accidently took another without realizing he had one, I showed up to his house where people were chilling and he was basically dead on the couch, barely breathing. He took 160mg, had somewhat of a tolerance and he didn't even rail it, got striaght fucked up.

    One of the reasons they feel so good is because your calmed down from the slowed down breathing. but if you take to much you simply stop breathing, often people basically blackout/go to sleep and are too fucked up to breath and die.

    Now personally I love oxy's, haven't done them in over 8months due to supply but its something that has the potential to kill, unlike weed, so therefor it should be treated with care, hopefully you respect your life as well as family and friends to research proper doses and what to do in emergencys etc...

    BTW I rail 20mg for a nice buzz I can do whatever, 30mg if I want to just like sit around, and I railed 40mg once and I already had somewhat of a tolerance nothing major, and I was puking all night. So either pop the whole pill, or take it easy railing, doing smaller lines.
  16. Isn't that stuff the hillbilly heroin? Does it have timed release function?

  17. Yea its called hillbilly herion, which personally I think is retarded when it costs alot more than more potent herion. (well Ive seen it from 25 to 60 for a 80mg oxy) I think it maybe because herion is way cheaper than it was in the past, at some point maybe oxycontin was easier and cheaper who knows. Im thinking it maybe because herion is sold in cities moreso, and in rural areas its probally easier to get pills.

    it is time release when swallowed whole. Also apparently theres someway its time released or just not effective if taken nasally on newer oxys. But I got some people told me weren't snortable, snorted it anyways (minus the shell) and it worked great, 20 mg got me a great buzz for day to day activities, with smoking ofcourse.

    BTW oxy's are designed for a 12 hour time release, alteast the 80s are.

  18. and fucking die... i've done railed 40 and chewed on 20 before with no tolerance and it was TOOOO much....
  19. I was joking.

    They aren't prescribed anymore, I wonder what the time release was on those babies. 20 hours?

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