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Oxycodone M 15

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by sam42012, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. M 15 Pill Identification

    I have the pills exactly pictured in the link, 4 to be exact. I was wondering what would be a better method of consumption, insufflation or can i just pop them? I couldn't find the bio-availability or anything so..
  2. You might be able to snort them. I'm not sure if that brand gels or not. You might want to do a little more research. Bioavailability is much higher orally with oxycodone, but the rush from snorting is quite pleasant.
  3. I'd just take em I'm pretty sure those break down
  4. Snort them!
    I have tons of these. They are awsome when you snort them, i suggest u snort 3.
  5. i would snort them. they hit you harder
  6. choo choo! rail them bitches!!
  7. Never snorted them, but I love oxys cause they create such a feeling of "ahhhh." Wish I had some, but noooooo, I've been put on Xanax...I hate these things!
  8. Those are great. I use the same except they say 30 instead of 15...for 30 mgs. Rail them.
  9. I guess my body is just strange, I'm 0n xanax 1 mg and all they do is make me fall asleep. when i wake up about an hour later, i dont feel any different. Am i doing somethng wrong?
  10. Those are mally 15's. referred to as a "roxy", imediate release oxycodone tablet.

    They are basically tied for first as the best brand to snort. If you have 4, however, i'd just eat them all (if you don't do opiates alot start with 1-2 and wait 30 minutes to evaluate and re-dose if necesary). You'll be nodding really nice for hours. Snort them and you'll get a little rush and be sober in an hour. If you just had one i'd say to crush it, but i really vote for oral on this one.

    I'm scribed these and have gone through probably 10's of 1000's of mg's and have had enough of them to waste some to determine their make up. Instead of using a gell agent to aid in binding, they use a small amount of green dyed wax, generic fillers and pure OC. The 30 mg ones, as mentioned above, are the same but with blue wax.
  11. Sober in an hour? Do you do them everyday? IIRC mine last a few hours. Nearly as long as taking them orally would.
  12. well said, the M15 is the 15mg perc(roxicocodone) w/o any time release so there the best 2 rail and u dont have 2 worry about gettin the coating off either. but they dont last as long as OC's do.

  13. well the last time i took an oxy was last year. i would buy oxy80's and they'd last a couple days. i just snorted one of em. how long does it take for the effects to kick in?
  14. usually not more that 5-10 minutes, real quick, so if in about 20 mins your not feeling anything, rail another one.
  15. eat them. You get more active metabolites if you eat them (oxymorphone, for one)
  16. just letting you guys know that it kicked in about 15 minutes after. It was real intense at first but its just about over now just a little buzz still going. shit was fun for sure.
  17. I just popped 4 of the exact same thing.

    I swallowed them..
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