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  1. what are some reasonable prices per pop?
  2. 80's are 50 to 30 depending on quantity u want 5 or 100

    if you got scripts then you make money
  3. Anywhere from $.50-$1 per mg depending on your location, as well as quantity, etc.
  4. 80's are 40 to 60
  5. Yeah, I just picked up three 40s for 65.

    So basically two for 20, and one for 25.

    But prices differ on area.
  6. As said, it all has to do with who you know and where you are.

    prices range from .40-1.00/mg for OCs.

    You'll always pay more for contins and roxi's than you would perks, per mg.

  7. Wow John, britain is a liar he was like dude they're so cheap haha wut an idiot.
  8. dang, around here it goes:
    20- $5-$7
    40- $15

    my gfs parents are prescribed 80s:)

  9. ^^ maybe im wrong
  10. As said before, its all about location and who you know.

    I know people who pay $80 for an 80 and I know others that pay $30-40.

  11. Definitely, around me you could sell a whole bottle of 80s in day if they were only $30, even at $60-65 they go fast. And around where I go to college people will pay $80 for 80, which just seems ridiculous to me, especially considering our proximity to Baltimore, which is like the heroin capital of the East Coast.
  12. $80/80
  13. $0.50 a mg is reasonable

    anything higher is a rip off

    if u can find anything under that price then go for it
  14. I can get 150 milligrams for 30 bucks in 5 milligram pills so i get about thirty pills
  15. $.50-$1.00 per/mg
  16. damn, i had no idea oc was so expensive.

    I wish i knew someone who sold OC in my town, around here no ones heard of that or at least doesnt talk about it.

    Only pills I've seen are R2s, and xanax. Gets boring after a while.
  17. Every time I've come across them they have been .50/mg. That was in San Diego. I have yet to come across any since I've been in Colorado. :(
  18. hows the drug scene over there? Always wanted to move to Colorado
  19. I've only been back in colorado for a few months. In western and northwestern colorado, weed's, easy to find, as with meth (which I don't need). I haven't been able to find much else(though I hear it's around, just can't find it). I'm going to UC boulder in the fall and I hear Denver/Boulder has a great drug scene. I was there for 2 days and found weed and shrooms the first day. I wasn't looking for anything else, but I'm confident(judging by how easy it was to find weed and shrooms) that I could probably find whatever I like, within a week if I looked.

    Where are you thinking of moving?
  20. 80's go for $40 around here, depending on who you go to. Supposed to get an 80 today but haven't gotten a call back.

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