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  1. Hi I've been looking for somewhere to buy a dwc bubbler for some times as I been planing to make the switch from soil to hydro.

    I've decided to try a dwc bubble system but unfortunately I'm really in no position to build my own pots.

    the problem I've run into is that is nearly impossible to find a bubble one pot system here in northern europe. I could of course order from overseas but the voltage (220v here) would be quite a hassle since transformers are expensive.

    This is where i need your help

    - Do any of know where i can get such a system that fits my wiring ( don't mind replacing a few plugs as long as voltage is the same) ?

    - can some who has used oxy pots tell me about their measurements? I would like to know how many i can fit into my tents. And what kind of experience have you had with them

    Any recommendations appreciated.
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    This is what I'm looking for but available in Europe. And of course I'm looking for a One pot system.

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  3. No Europeans on here but me? :-o
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  5. ebay my friend charlies hydro wicked service i know its england but you will get a one pot bubbler 220v just change the plug i have an 18ltr from same source remarkable result so far hope this helps
  6. There are tons of sites that will send you the correct plug,voltage, whatever for the country you order it to.

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  7. What are you talking about transformers for? DWC is just a bucket and an air pump. You can buy these from almost anywhere
  8. I think they were talking about the actual plug for the electrical outlet. Different countries use different voltage for their outlets.

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  9. that wasn't what I was referring to, and I already said you can buy buckets and air pumps from anywhere. As in from your own country. I think the original poster has some very confused views of DWC. As I said it's essentially an air pump and a bucket
  10. @[member="fattard"]

    all you need to make a DWC system is a *plastic container with a lid. At least 20 litre is best but you can go as big as you can. The bigger the reservoir the less you will need to change the nutrient solution.
    * an aquarium or hydroponic air pump. Get one that provides 1 litre of air per minute for every 2 litres of nutrient solution you have. You will also need some air stones and tubing. The amount you need will be determined on how many outlets the pump has. The size of the air stones are determined by the amount of air that's moved through them.

    for example I have a 20 litre container that has 4x 2" air stone balls. Each one has a 1m tube connecting it to its own outlet on the pump.

    that's the main set up but you will also need a small net pot with some clay balls to fill it. You will need to cut a hole in the lid of the container to slip in the net pot
  11. Oh my mistake then. Yeah, im not sure what the confusion is in that case.

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  12. Just realised this thread was started well over two years ago. I guess the original poster has all the info he needs by now lol
  13. don't you love when a dead thread gets bumped.[​IMG]

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