Overwatered Plants Recovered, Then Drooped Again

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by smithyboi123, May 26, 2013.

  1. Hi, I overwatered my plants at about 2am, by 4am they were very very droopy then by time light went off at midday they were extremelyt droopy. Then when lights came back on at midnight they were fine, until 7am this morning they are drooping again ? Temps hover between 20 and 30c. No other problems, just drooping . What's happening ? Thanks
  2. Just to add, soil dried out a fair bit during the 12 hours the light was off, now the top of the soil is dry but containers are still fairly heavy
  3. Still heavy, don't water anymore... if they are continually drooping it's because you are watering to frequently... let the pot become very light in weight before watering again, you'll think it's almost dried out.
  4. My guess is that they are very long and leggy too..? Temp from 20-30 is a huge swing range and 30 is way to hot without 1500ppm of CO2 in the room.  That is beyond your watering issue! :D
  5. Thanks guys , I'm growing a apparently very finnacky strain , kalashnikova by ghs ( I know ) . Pots feel light now but not gna risk it , gna wait until they drooop even more due to underwatering then water . You really helped me a lot just to hear from you . Have a good week , enjoy yourseleves and god bless . Enjoy the little things . X
  6. How they doing?
  7. Hey mmman, I watered them this morning , stuck my finger into the soil was bone bone dry on top , and a couple inches down . Cud hav been a slight bit of moisture right at the bottom but I watered anyway with half nutrients . I was expecting the leaves to stop drooping and perk straight back up almost as though they were erect pointing upwards like before the overwatering , however the drooping has remained the same . Will the old leaves be droopy for every now and the new growth be healthy and erect ? I feel like I could have maybe waited another day to water, but my last grow in the same environment the pots were bone bone bone dry in 2-3 days. I left these plants 3 and a half days before I watered again . They may have wilted another couple of milimeters since I watered but barely noticeable . So ye,will all the old growth eventually perk straight up or will that only be with new growth ? Going to only water again once I get fair amount of further drooping from underwartering to make sure . Growth is slow as expected . Thanks lad!
  8. Just to add , the drooping is nothing like when I first overwatered , it has improved a lot since then but still does not look healthy :)
    Your very welcome my friend, I had a Holy Grail do that way and it wasn't over watered or stressed a bit.
  10. Yea man my last grow the leaves were always floppy throughout the grow , but got the most I had ever got from a plant and it was very dank , skunk 11 I grew, vegd for 6 week from seed topped them once , got 2 ounce from each plant under a 400w hps . I was very pleased I normally only get around a oz a plant . However having that much weed to smoke to yourself I think is not good , I was very unproductive for a couple of months haha :) moderation is key xx :)
  11. Quick update , all my plants are now fully erect and look perfectly healthy , itt took 3 days to dry out , I watered them again but not as much , they drooped for a further day then after that the leaves all are fine and erect
  12. I'm glad to hear it, well done.
  13. Quick question.... All 4 of my plants are stunningly healthy and have huge bud developement only in week 3 of flower, however one plant's leaves randomly started to droop about 2 hour before the lights went off yesterday, all the others are fine and all getting fed the same etc . Is this just in the genes of this paticular plant ? Or is it just concentrating on making flowers and giving up on the leaves ? Its definately not over or underwatered and looks otherwise perfect and is growing very very fast about 3cm a day , faster than all the others . Thanks
  14. O and by the way the leaves are still slightly droopy now the lights have been back on for 2 hours

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