overwatered or nute damaged clones???

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  1. runnin 400 mh in a 4x4 closet w/ mylar and intake fan blowin between clone and bulb. light 3 feet above vegin clonz (20/4). soil w/ extra sand,perlite,peat moss, and blood meal (added to get N level up). this is my first grow wit clonz and my first indoor too. im a noob w/ alot of readin xperience. ive read up on this but just wanna double check cuz i flushed tha soil last nite. b4 flushin i let it dry out just in case it was overwatered but i doubt it cus my pots are big and i dont water more than 500ml per pot. i did put plant food drops in my spray bottle which i used a couple of times but stopped as soon as i noticed some spot burnz on my garden collection. i always mist twice a day wit water only. these sik ones were very good lookin sittin in a cup of soil then i transplanted them to big pot. the first to wilt was hk=hindu kush which wilted from day 1 enterin closet then was ok then got transplanted and went down again. the co=cali-o wilted after the hk. they both were green then turned dark green as they drooped. now the bottom leaves are brown/gray. both of them were good after the transplanted for couple dayz. my temps are 63f-79f(min/max). i also up'd garden pic of my 5 remainin collection and my best one in tha middle (white widow). 2-ww are in their 4th week of veg while the rest are in their 3rd (morning star, ak47, and bubba kush). holla bak wit some comments. thnx any wordz are appreciated.
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  2. I wonder if those that drooped are from transplant shock. Stop spraying now that they are in dirt and hold of on the fertilizing. Also, don't flush any more, just let the soil dry out completely. When they get established move the light closer and closer until it is about 18 inches above the plants. Hope they survive. Time will tell.
  3. thanx for tha info. ill be doin that. i did hav my light @ 18" b4 when i first started but i had some probz wit some trainwreckz and raised my light thinkin it was too close but i still lost those clnz. ill be postin pix of tha sikz if i get any positive changes. i also want to add that i hav a snow cap under floz that use to be in soil but i took tha cube out and noticed tha roots werent visible (they may have went bak in). her story is i had 3 transplanted after i got from med dispensary and 1 went into shock then tha other 2 and i managed to save tha last one. these were vegin then i removed tha last one from tha closet to my flo cabinet. after i saw no roots out i put in dome chamber couple days and nuthin so i transplanted to small pot and hope to dry it out too so tha roots can come out to find water. any suggestions would be helpful. im tryin to sort my probz in tha next couple of weeks cuz ill be ready to flower my good collection. thanx again.
  4. Sounds pretty good.
    I would suggest keeping one of your established plants out of flower (in continuous veg) and use her as a cloning mother, that way if more of them die, you will always have a plant to clone from.
  5. i dont hav a seperate closet setup (yet) so im changin tha bulb and flower whats healthy. since i got access to shops that carry different clonz daily for $20 i can always go bak for mor of the same strains. i did manage to find 4 lost seeds from couple years bak. im germinatin one by one. i got my first one goin after it germd in wetnapz in tupperware. now #1 in soil so #2 seed in wetnapz. those i do plan on clonin if i get a female :) . these seeds i plan to veg under floz for a while till i can setup two chambers which is my goal to bring in clonz all tha time and not regenerate unless i know i cant get that particular strain. im tryin to get some xtra$$ for hps 1k setup. i got only mh so not sure how good they will flower or may need xtra flo lightin alongside?:confused:
  6. If you have some warm flouros you can put them along side the MH if you want. I think the MH will flower just fine. Even if you currently don't have a second room for the mother, you can still keep her in veg. Just put the plant in a high traffic area (if you are not growing stealth) by a window and occasionally just flip on the lights. If you flick the lights on during the moms night time, it will not be triggered into flower. Then you have a good cloning mother. Anyway, you have a bunch of seeds so, just a thought.

    P.S. What does your ph meter read in the very first picture there? Just curious.
  7. HIGH All, to me your Babies looked like they dried out and need water...when I water I make sure water runs out the bottom...it will do this quicker if it's dry. Does water end up in your tray the pots are sitting in?
  8. that ph reads 7 but i test my soil w/ sticks and solution got 7 and c for all three nutes. i once had d for phos and c for pottas. as far as under watered? i had them in smaller containers b4 and i watered every 3rd day. i havnt watered too much as to let it show outside bottom only every other waterin. i alternated to get tha feel of how much and tryin not to give too much.unoit i also alternated some plant food into waterin to introduce nutes and misted my clonz a couple of times too till i noticed spots on my leavz and now i just mist pure h2o. i got that ph meter that also reads moisture in soil for me to check over/under waterin. i let em dry up a bit b4 any waterin and i dont let tha moisture level get up high neither. im lackin tha proper food cuz what i got has mor phos than N which is mor needed in vegin. i just need to focus on my soil only and dont add food if my soil is still good.:rolleyes:

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