overwatered and transplanted.

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  1. so these clones looked great and were in some four inch containers when i got them. i transplanted and then overwatered. the 5 gallon containers seemed to drain fine but the soil mix had a lot of organic material and was holding water. so i got fox farms and filled up new buckets and transplanted. how do i get these girls to come back to life? the learning curve is interesting and all....i just dont want to fail these plants. thanks ahead of time.

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  2. hey man, i recently transplanted my plants and they started to wilt a bit, i gave them some superthrive and it brought them back to life, maybe itll do the same for you

  3. i think i forced them into some sort of nute lockout by overwatering before i transplanted into the fox farms. superthrive huh? ill look into it.
  4. i dont really know too much about that, cuz i havent fed my plants nutes yet. yea superthrive is pretty legit, its got vitamins and hormones in it to help the plant grow, i just startedd using it and ima apply to every watering
  5. what a difference a month made

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