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  1. Hi. I am finishing up a box that is roughly 6.5 x 6.5 x 6 (with a slight drop on one side). So I have a 1k watt air cooled hood that seems to take up about a good foot of my canopy potential.

    I have dreams that are probably bigger than my current budget lol. Where I continually run into issue is technique. With this box eventually turning to my flowering box, what would be best? This is my first grow-round and was initially wanting to SOG about 14-15 ladies. After some days on the web and in journals I am leaning toward ScrOG and LST.

    Can a fella get some advise?

    P.S. I don't know how to post pics via mobile either or they would be here :/ ...thank
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    Try a 6-8 plant scrog setup. You won't be disappointed if you do it right.
  3. Thank you sir. I hope I am not trying to dig up an answer I overlooked; but would 5gal buckets be too much? Or would the screen take eliminate the 1 gal/ft rule I have come across over again?
  4. Could you post a pic of your grow room? You could probably do 5 gallons if you have enough vertical space and you could always add some LST in there to help with it.
  6. Did you post a pic? I just see a blank reply.
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    I now have to failed attempts on my phone. Working on it...
  8. Yeah it seems like posting apps on phones is a little difficult. Are you on a browser or app?
  9. Think I got it.

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  10. I would go with an 8 plant scrog in there. You'll get a nice yield.
  11. Thanks man! Now to finish up assembly and begin the grow.
  12. Good luck and happy growing! :wave:

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