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  1. Hey, so I've been looking at the LED stuff as you guys know...and I like the look of the HLG stuff.

    I found an Australia based retailer, who recommended for my 2x2 metre tent to get
    TWO of these:
    HLG 550 V2 R-SPEC LED Grow Light Red, Samsung Quantum boards from Horticulture Lighting Group - Quick Bloom Lights
    AND one of these:
    HLG 260 V2 - QB 288 Quantum Boards DIY LED Grow Light Kit - Quick Bloom Lights

    So one - Would I actually need all this for the space or is the dude just wanting to sell me more shit?
    Two - It's a bit pricier than a lot of what I've seen, even considering it's AUD...what are your thoughts on this.

    I really need a solution soon.
  2. At a glance it seems a little high but then the aud exchange plus shipping I'm assuming I'm going to guess its about right for these products now that being said. One of the 550s says it will flower 1,5 ×1.5 m so I can see where he's getting the total number of boards but I think the list should read 1 of the 550s and 3 of the 260s it's the same amount of light just configured differently. Draw it on paper 2 large squares and one rectangle shape don't fit in a square as well as 1 square and 3 of the rectangle shape.
    Good luck hope that was helpful
  3. Also there are guys on here that buy Chinese versions of these for less than the authentic hlg . You might look into that.
  4. Yeah someone linked one, and it looks fine...I'm just not really knowledgable enough to do a comparison, and a little apprehensive importing from China...it's close enough, but the amount of shit I've had broken...
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  5. Think the first link is designed for commercial grows. Not personal grow tents. The second one is for personal tents.

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