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    so im buying a 2.5 x 2.5 airtight growlab, using a 400w HPS.
    Do you think it will overheat?

    using this setup

    2.5x2.5 tent
    elf filter
    4" inline fan
    fan speed controller, will quiet fan down and control temp
    4" ducting
    duct clamps
  2. haha let me see some pictures man sounds pretty interesting...and tight
  3. GrowLab GL80 Grow Room - 2'7" x 2'7" x 5'11"

    I'm assuming your talking of this tent?

    2'7" x 2'7" x 5'11"

    there are three measurements to figure out if your fan is going to be big enough to even work....

    37.5 cubic feet more or less in your grow

    times three for air movement=112.5CFM rated fan

    times 2 for carbon filter= 225CFM rated fan

    ValuLine Centrifugal Inline Blower - 4" - 171 CFM

    this fan is only a 171 CFM rated fan...

    full blast.. this fan by its self is not large enough to even cool off your tent using cfl's.. IMO

    others might disagree... but with how large your light is.. in such a small space.... your going to have to chill your air...

    but... I would love for you too hook it up to test venting theory...

    make sure you note the intake air temp... this will be crucial

    keep us posted.... take lots of pictures no matter how mundane... start a journal... i will read it

  4. will do, check out this thread.. it has my plans pretty much layed out. me and the owner of my hydro store have been sending emails back and forth and he thinks i will be good as long as i have a solid intake temp, which i will try to do. he said temps shouldnt go over 85. I am going to get all this shit probably tmrw morning, and the setup will follow.

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