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  1. I'm outgrowing my space, and the tops of some of my plants are getting burned by the light (600w hps). It's a pvc hydro set up, so I can't move pots around etc.

    I'm just now switchng to flower (3 days into 12/12) and worried this could cause major problems. Any suggestions???

    I'm tying the taller plants off to the side to get them away from direct heat, but...

    I assume it's way to late for any topping or trimming to help?


    (new kid on the block..., or in the garden)
  2. Tie them to the sides, keep em away from the lights. And take a picture....
  3. Will do. First timer, and nervous just talking @ this stuff on-line. I'm busy tying, and looking for males to help make room for the ladies. Thanks

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