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  1. has anyone ever smoked to the point where you feel like you've overdosed? i'm just wondering because i'm wondering how much is too much. lol.

    firstly, i'm not sure what constitutes overdosing. is it red eyes? puking? hallucinating? etc... someone clear that up for me.

    last night, i smoked up one spliff and 2 small pipes with a friend and i felt ok until it was around bed time, to which, i struggled getting up the stairs because i really did physically feel sick. well, i got away lucky and didn't puke but that was after hugging the floor for about 15 mins or so.

    was that overdosing? by the way, has anyone seen that movie, "how high?" :smoke:
  2. You cannot OD on weed, maybe it was laced? Thats the best reason I can come up with.

  3. not possible to od.

    probably just really high and got a body buzz.

    a full body buzz freaked the shit out of me when i first started smoking.
  4. Well you can, techniclly. But youd have to smoke several pounds within 15 minutes or so.

    EDIT: No, you didnt od. And how high is awesome. Roll that shit, light that shit, and pass that shit!:smoke:
  5. well you could get so high that you are extremely uncomfortable... but no OD
  6. I beive you would have to smoke 15 pounds of mary jane to od which is not possible because who the fuck can smoke 15 pounds in an hour
  7. You'd have to smoke 800 joints consecutivly to die.... and you'd die from Carbon Monoxide poisoning first.
  8. I remember reading study on how much it would take for a human to overdose on weed. They did it on rats and actually overdosed one and compared the body mass of the rat to a human and said it would take a couple hundred pounds to overdose a human xD
  9. Man that happened to me once, except I was in Best Buy when it happened. It was terrible, I ended up just leaving the store and my friends and passing out on the side of the store.
  10. shit dude you just got really fucked uppp
  11. i always wanted to try and OD on weed in fact thats how i wanna die

    hey how did heythere die

    well he killed to drug dealers and jacked two tons of weed and smoked it all to the dome in 5 minutes

    oh, so he died happy
  12. im hypo-glycemic, and how i found out.......i was really really high on day and i hadnt eaten, i str8 passed out, collapsed, puked al at the same time......my peeps picked me up and i shook it off. Then next time im at the doctors i asked him why i would pass out like that (omitting the high part...lol) and he diagnosed me as hypo-glycemic.....thats my story
  13. so caddy do you take insulin shots or just have to maintain a proper diet, cause thats serious man
  14. My friend has smoke enough to the point where he couldn't move and was sitting on the couch and other people were putting the bowl in his mouth and lighting it for him,so maybe smoking till you cant move is the most it can get? lol , just below passing out then i guess
  15. just a proper diet, but i cant party on a empty stomach, thats the only rules really.

    if im smokin or drinking its on a full stomach from now on........
  16. cool glad to here its controllable man, my mom was diabetic her whole life and its hard on people
  17. As said before, the only way you can "OD" on weed is smoking pounds in short amounts of time. but even then, it's not the marijuana killing you, but rather the lack of oxygen. You have breathed more smoke than oxygen and you'd suffocate... only way to die, and yeah.., that shit ain't gonna happen. So toke up baby, sounded like you had a fun night :p
  18. Well uh I was at the point where I could barely move but thats not even close to OD so, smoke on.
  19. lol thanks. that clears everything up.

    ah, i guess in that case, i'll just smoke more then when i hit that point again.

    by the way, i asked my friend why the weed was so powerful that night, he said he used the holy crystals!! :smoking: no frigging wonder it was so damned powerful.

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