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  1. Has anyone else overdoesed? I did for the first time a few days ago on X, it really sucked I only took 2 trips but I knew they were bunk after 10 mins.
    Normaly for me they take about 30-40 mins to hit me but i was rolling in about 10 mins, but that only lasted for about 10 mins. Then I went home kinda pissed and smoked about 5 bowls with my bro thats when it started getting wierd. I just started fuking rolling balls, my teeth were going crazy and there was a party in the back of my head and my pupils were the guest of honor. So I was kinda pissed that I was rolling now without anything to do. So I go get a binky for my jaw and chill listing to music. Thats when I really started to get fucked up, I chewed my cheeks almost off, I mean there was so much pink coming out so I started to freak out. After I relized what I had done I ran to my sister who has rolled and done every drug in the book ( which is why i went to her lol) and she put me in a cold tub. Now when I took my shirt out she started freaking the fuck out. My skin was gray around my stomache and you could see my lungs becasue they were so red. Soo she ran and got me alot of OJ to try to sober me up. Then I fell asleep and hurt like a mutha fuka in the morning. Good news is that I didnt die :hello: and when I went to the dentist about my cheeks he said they would grow back .

    Now I think Im just going to stick to herb for a bit, and does anyone have any idea of what that e was cut with?
  2. shitttt man i have no clue what they mighta been cut with but thats some scary shit...glad your okay...you oughta talk to your source and see whatsup...i dunno but id be pretty pissed if i got shit that wacked me out that much...
  3. Strictly herbs,man...strictly herbs...nothing else.
  4. on painkillers 3 times.
  5. ^ damn

    and AGGpIrAtE:

  6. I don't know what kind of pale-ass skin you must have that you can actually SEE YOUR OGRANS THROUGH it.....sure you weren't just imagining things, and that your sister wasn't just fuckin' with you?

    Anyway, other than that, everything sounds like a normal rolling experience. Peaks, lows, big pupils, grinding your teeth/chewing on your cheeks.

    Also, the acidity of OJ actually increases the effects of most hallucinogens. I've never personally used it with X but I know damn well that it magnifies the effects of shrooms and acid. Use coffee to try to sober up next time you feel like you're fucked up out of control; it'll probably work better.
  7. Not a clue dude, thats fucked. I know it wasn't an mdma overdose though, thats for sure.
  8. Umm....


    But never been to the hospital for it.

    But ive broke many bones and never been to the hosiptal either so...

    Feel like i overdoes on alcohol right now. I honestly drank like 8 natty ices (5.9%, same as OE, King Corba ect) in a hour. And drank about 8 more beers since about 2-3 in the afternoon.

    Jus drinkin so many so quick, Im so full of liquid, I can barley type, Keep beackspacin and fixin shit, A hottie called me. Im took fucked up to talk hahaha.

    I told her i gotta call somebeody, Ill call her basck.

    Haha, I wont. Showss how drunk i am.

    Shit got me sttressed foday.

    Im gettin wasted.

    Then boutt to smoke some greenery.

    Got gave awaya ll the greens ihad today.

    Im tryring not to buy muchh anymore too smoke becusae it cost so much inm ttrying to slow down for a minute, Because ima have to stasstt supporritng a babby soon.

    Soon i bought za a $20 for titnught.

    AQbout 3 fat btluntss..

    My boy gon stop by soon.

    My cuz gon stop by in less then 2 hours round midnight.

    BOutghtt to get reral tore up.

    Gopt 2 30 pakcs of natty cie for tonight.

    Get us alld runk.

    If we need more go tot he store anmd get more.

    Onmly 3 of ustho hahah.

    We bout to get major bluntferd ro=und midnight.

    I need some wite to come off this shit.
  9. Lol....make a new thread KSR....you're fucked up
  10. and this is why i call everybody that does other drugs stupid
  11. you do realize noone wants u on this site right? u should just leave

  12. Yah fo reals.
  13. I have rolled over 40 times so I know what a roll is like and this was not normal and my sister was about to drive me to the er but I convinced her not too. I am actually tan but my skin turned grey and my lungs were red
  14. ive done overdosed on xanax, vicodin, and klonopin, ended up in the hospital for 2 of them, never got charged with nothin though for havin those pills
  15. you dont get charged if you go to the hospital and not taken there by cops
  16. I had a chik do e once with a couple of my friends for her first time and she started to puke and cough out foamy white stuff... My friends and i didn't know what to do but we calmed her down by telling her it happens all the time.... she managed to not die on us that day... thankfully.
  17. wow thats fuckin wild lol :)

    glad your ok

  18. namecalling. mature.
  19. You don't get criminal charges, true. But you're gonna be fuckin' broke after the hospital sends you a bill.
  20. That sucks man....glad your ok.

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