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  1. shit..i was gone this weekend gettin high and ..i had a seed germenating and shit and well the white grew like an inch long i just planted it today..will it grow or should it not matter???and how soon should i start lighting it and what kind/ how much lighting?i saw a heat light it was big and red 13$ should i get that?
  2. they will be fine its hapened to me before ya dont need a heat lamp I lower two 40 watt coolwhite tubes to about an inch over the soil some people say to leave them in the dark for 5 days I go right to the light once there planted 18/6 the light keeps it warm and its not such a hot lite that its gonna burn the seedlings
  3. yep..
    anyway an inch is a lil long, might be too long, hope it still works out for ya
  4. I would agree with stinkbud, except I grow my seedlings under 24hour light until I'm ready to sex them, then switch to 18/6 and they should show sex in a week or so.Warning: do not put clones under 24hour light. They will revert to a seedling growth pattern @ age:0
  5. clonemeister are you sure about your plants showing sex under 18/6 lighting?....don't you mean 12/12?, as 18/6 is still a vegatative light cycle.....Peace out....Sid
  6. yes I'm quite sure. I never put anything under12/12 until it shows sex. Showing sex is not the same as actually flowering.When you start them under24 they show sex after being switched to 18/6. I did this for over 6 years.
  7. i'll need to give that a try with the nexty grow, save me trying to i.d. them at a later stage.....how long under the 18/6 can you tell sex?....Peace out....Sid
  8. They usually show after about a week, two with some, think I had one strain of sativa that was stubborn and took over 3 weeks.
  9. I do the same thing and people would tell me that some strains of mj would pre-sex before they were put under 12/12...
    I think it depends on how old the plants are, some will just show sex without inducing flowering.
  10. i know some plants also flower when they're good and ready, without and changes to lighting, however would you get the same early sexing if the lights were just on 18/6 and then staraight to 12/12?.....Peace out......Sid
  11. probably, not too sure though....that's a question for the gods.

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