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  1. I have a 39 x 39 x 79 agromax tent and was planning on growing 12 plant, I used up about 3cu ft of fox farm ocean forest to fill 5 gallon grow bags 3/4 of the way full, I have 8 bags filled and need another 4, do I have enough space for this grow or will I be overcrowding my tent by adding 4 more 5 gal bags.

    Some more information regarding my first grow, I have both a 600w apollo and a 1000w, should I begin with the 1000w or allow my seedlings to sit under the 600w for a while?

    I'm using foxfarm ocean forest and the foxfarm standard nutrient trio, lamp has a cooltube attached so I'm only using a single 6" fan exhaust duct sucking air out the top of the tent and a small 4" duct on the bottom for intake.

    Any type of information is helpful and welcomed, this is my first grow ever.
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  3. I wouldnt grow any more than 4 plants in there. Veggedfor a month

    9 plants max if i vegged for 1-2 weeks.

    Youre gonna get into trouble with that many plants in such a small area
  4. Using 1000w on a seedling is a waste. Use a cfl for germ, and move to 600 after a week..then flower under 1000
  5. Where are you pulling cooler air in from, the ambient temp of the cooler air and where are you venting the hotter exhaust air out to? 600 or 1000 watts is generate a decent amount of heat in a small grow tent. Also do you have some small clip on fans for air circulation?
  6. I am exhausting my tent with a 140cfm 6" inline fan leading to a duct out of the top of the tent, for intake I have a 4in duct leading out of the bottom of the tent, the air circulation is fluid from back room window to front room window.

    Right now I have the 600w MH bulb setup in the tent with the cool tube, it has been on for 6 or so hours and the tent is warm, my thermometer/hygrometer hasn't arrived yet for me to be more specific with the temp.

    With that said and after reading the responses, I have the 600w running on 50% dim and have the seeds germinating in rock wool in a small tray/dome

    Being that 12 plants is out of the question, can I comfortably veg 8 plants in my tent for 6-7 weeks and not run into trouble with space when flowering begins on 1000w?
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  7. How tall do you plan on finishing them out at? Any decent height and I`m thinking 3 maybe 4 max.

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