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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by CircuitKid, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. Hey all, this would be my first look, and post in the growing section. Well I am utterly and completly a newb to growing green so I have a couple questions. I live in Northern Cali, and am considering growing. I would grow outdoors down my hill next to a little creek (My property VERY secure). It has been raining quite a bit lately and I was thinking of starting in like 2 weeks. Firstly i was wondering if it would be a good idea to plant in this area first of all. Is this a good area? So it gets quite a bit of sunlight, is next to a creek, secure hidden, and around other plants.

    Second question is how exactly would I go about germinating and starting? Would i germinate in paper towels in tupperware, then start in plastic cups, then transfer to outdoor grow place?

    Wouuld just directly planting into natural ground next to creek be best idea?

    And about how long on average does the grow process take to get the weed into smokable form, from the time u put it into the ground?

    Sorry for the questions but I need to find out some how.

    Thanks for all responses!

  2. Well I wouldent plant by any body of water that people might fish in (there are laws that allow people to fish on your land in some states I think). You didnt talk about light at all, if it gets a lot of light thats best (dont plant under trees or much shade).

    Either method is good for germination. I am growing inside then out to give the plants a head start and thus hopefully a longer season and larger yield. If you do plan to grow outside its reccomended that you cultivate the soil a bit for areation and so the roots have an easier time. You may want to add some topsoil depending on the quality of the dirt you have (is it rich and dark?).

    The growing process outdoors will be dependant on the seasons and ammount of light/dark the plants are exposed to and how long your strain takes to flower.
  3. there are alot of good grow how tos out there search around and youll find more info than you actually need. This will be my first grow and thats what I did. Good luck.

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