Over watered plants, can they be saved?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by samlion, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. I have two white widow auto's growing in my wardrobe currently with 1 400w hps bulb that i keep on 12/12 as a rule. The grow space is 1 meter tall and half a meter wide which fits very well into the box i am using. Standard reflector hanging above the plants, sprouted a couple of days into germinating and had them both planted in small peat pots and turned the light on when they both came above the surface. Stuck to watering every couple of days and feeling the soil inside to see if it was dry, which it was nearly all the time. Assuming the light is contributing by evaporating some of the water and that the plants aren't taking in that much water all by themselves i have been putting more water in than i originally planned. So far haven't used any of my fertilizer.

    Now a week or so on my plants seem to have really weak stems and are arcing over so the top of the plant is laying across the soil, not one looks a lot darker than normal, the other is still fairly green. Each only have 4 mini leaves and are roughly 8cm tall out of the pot.

    Clearly my stems aren't strong enough and i'm sure it has something to do with me watering too much lately, all i want to know is if there is any way of saving them now?

  2. i'd probably hold it upright with some tweezers and add about 6 cm of (dry) soil and 12 hours of light.
  3. Idk about 6 cm of soil, but enough to hold itself up, this miight be a little over-watering, but sounds alot like streching too, when the plants small if it doesn't get enough light it will get really tall and skinny, so make sure your plant is getting GREAT lightage and not stretching too much. Plant's LOVE alot of water. Not too much, but a healthy amount, in fact when the plants really going, it will sweat thc if you over-water it. I would stick to a third red solo cup of water when you turn the lights off and a half red solo cup of water when you turn the lights on.
  4. thanks for the help but both unfortunately didn't make it this time, at least i know for the next go :)

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