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  1. Hi all i watered my plant a day ago and now it seems to be drooping at the top half of the plant not sure if over watered or under watered or something else any opionions welcome and thanks in advance [​IMG]
  2. whats your soil mix and how much do you water
  3. Verves multi purpose compost mixed with 40% perlite i was watering with 200ml every two to three days and uped it to 400ml
  4. Whenshe is like this i water and after a few hours all the leaves are pointing up looking good then day later back drooping
  5. Shes like this few hours after watering but then next day back drooping [​IMG]
  6. how big is your pots cause that dont seem like alot of water, do you get run off at the bottom of the pot when u water
  7. Yeah i always get run off every time cant really remember the size of pot ill have to have a look when the lights are back on does she look about right size for 5 weeks old thanks for the reply
  8. Its a auto
  9. plant looks good but i cant imagine 400ml would be enough to water a plant that size. my plant is 23inches and 10 days into flowering and i use aboot 3-4 litres of water, wait for another member to comment to be sure but id say its not enough water
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  10. I also think its not enough now just a bit paranoid as i lost my last seedling to over watering thanks again
  11. I would say it looks under watered. If the leaves are floppy it's usually underwatering. If it's leaves look hooked over from the middle it's usually over watering. I'd say give it a good litre at least then wait for it to dry out and get light again. I find it very hard to under/over water this way.
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  12. Ill give her a litre when my lights are back on cheers
  13. No worries bro. The most important thing is to have a dry cycle between watering so the roots get airiated.

    Nice dark green leaves shows no nitrogen def. and I'd say it's a nice size for five week autos.
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    400ml of water isn't even 14 ounces of water??? Buddy you need to fill a clean gallon jug up and water till you get run off!!! You could put almost a full gallon in there that's why the top leaves look fine, you're not giving her enough water! It's as beginners we tend to over water, But with not to much water, just watering to frequently, that isn't good! You could use as much water as you want. Its when it's watered to frequently. You pick your pot up if it feels heavy wait a day or two, if she feels light when you pick her up feed her! She looks Good!
    Good Luck

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  15. Im only using two actual 30w clfs im not expecting a big yeild just my first time experiment cheers
  16. its to late now but next grow have a look at L.S.T. it will up your yield alot
  17. Cheers robbie im going to give her a litre when lights back on
  18. I always get run off with only 400 ml but i had a sneaky feeling i was under watering her
  19. So your using 2 30w Cfl's but you need to look how big your pot is, some roots may not be getting enough water. For water to get down to all the roots, you gonna have to water Bink03 you can't over water unless your watering to frequently. You have a lot of perlite and a good medium! If you watered/feed already wait 3-4 days until the pot is light when you pick it up. If it's light water her until you get run off! People water until they get 20% run off!

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  20. Cheers Buddy you'll be fine Bro

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