Over the Event Horizon

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by bluebolt, Dec 17, 2019.

  1. There is a point in space and time, where the highness becomes inescapable. If you fall through that looking glass, you will find yourself in a world of sight...a world of sounds...and a world of mind. Yes, that signpost up ahead is a bus stop. So go ahead and get on, sure. Just remember, if you buy the ticket you take the ride.

    The Counselor tapped out what was left of the roach. Ohio Clean Leaf had turned out to be a bit of all right. He cut back on the sound system and checked the chronographs on his wrists. Time had almost come to a standstill. Outside the window of the Corvette, a light snow had begun to fall. London John and the Lads came floating over the speakers. Would there ever be such harmony again, he thought? And, as he looked at the time displacement unit on the seat beside him, he began to giggle in short, controlled bursts.

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