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  1. I have a female plant (Who i actually just discovered is female today). She's about a month and 2 weeks old, and about two weeks ago I did a transplant(3rd and final) to a bigger pot. I used a giant bag of miracle grow potting soil, and I expected it to be just fine because I had previously used miracle grow seedling starter for the seedlings, and for the second transplant I used a smaller bag of miracle grow generic potting soil. A few days after my final transplant my plant(s)-- had another but it died-- leaves started getting yellow and crunchy. Like I said, the other died, but this ones managed to make it through and I gave it an extra week of vegetation, and all the new growth was perfectly fine, as if the over fert didn't hurt it. I still have a few crunchy leaves hangin in there, but i pruned the really terrible ones away. The soil doesn't seem to be currently effecting the new growths and the plant looks healthy but I am still a little bit concerned. I have photos attached at the bottom, as you can see the lower veg has a few chrispy yellow leaves.

    My question is, should I let my lady stay in that pot because the fertilizer has probably broken down by now and isnt effecting it as much, or should i transplant again?

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  2. MG is time released, so that soil will still be ferting your plant in 2 months. Some people hate miracle gro and some people swear by it, I think it has a lot to do with the genetics. One of my first grow years back I used MG and my plants shot up beautifully and never showed signs of overferting.

    If it was me I would keep going with it, but I expect most other folks would say to transplant into clean soil and get rid of as much of the MG as you can.
  3. word, yeah i was thinkin that. overall does my girl look healthy?

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