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  1. Normally when i harvest i cut and trim, hang for 2-4 days then straight into jars. When it goes into the jars its already way dry so i dont have to open the jars as much. When it goes into jars i normally have to open them maybe once or twice then they stay in for the curing.

    When my buddies harvest they do the paper bag in between and there's it MUCH more mosit than mine. His comes out nice and sticky after curing. Mine dosn't unless i add moisture.

    I've never had complaints on bud but i know i over dry, does this pose any problems? Is over drying then adding moisture bad?:confused:

    Just looking to get the most out of my harvest and wondering if over drying is a problem. I cant find info on that part.
  2. All I can offer is that if you take your harvest dry to far and bud becomes crisp. I would usually try to add 1 or 2 small 2 inch size sweet leaves that are fresh off another yet to be harvested plant and add those to the xtra dry bud . Doing this will add a little moisture content back into the bud. GooD LucK

  3. Good call i never thought about the leaves, thanks!
  4. Over drying is bad if your selling to dispensarys or patients, if your ok with smoking it over dried then their is no problem.

    You gave the reason why your bud is over dry and the solution is to hang for a day less.

    Adding moisture back to the bud IMO is not a good idea for storage as you run the chance of getting Mold

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