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  1. Hello
    I cut down my grow 5 days ago. Came home to for final trim and found the hanging product drier than expected. Any methods for restoring moisture? Did a quick goggle search and lettuce seemed to pop up. Just thought I'd run it by you guys first, Thanks
    I have the manicured in Ball mason jars. If I go the lettuce route can I just lay a chunk on the buds on top before a close jar??

  2. I would be very cautious putting anything in jars with moisture, don't want to get mold on your harvest, if you are going to attempt the lettuce method I would put a cloth membrane, on top of the jar, like a piece of a shirt cloth, then lettuce then lid. You don't want the lettuce to be touching the bud directly, or you could hang it from a piece of string. And I would change the piece everyday until moisture comes back, should only take 1 day or so, and then that might be the best you can get.
  3. I agree with balls, but I'd check on it every hour , just to be safe ;)Sent from my HTC_PN071 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  4. thanks. Im was just planning for the night.
  5. Maybe try using Boveda humidity control packs? I use them, and they keep bud "fresh" and keeps it from drying up. 
  6. just damp a folded up piece of paper towel then put it over the jar and screw the lid on..takes a few hrs dont let it sit too long
  7. Put lettuce over the bud dnt close lid check when it moist up again.
  8. I prefer using a slice of apple, I was told to try it if I ever had the need by a guy who was extremely knowledgable. I have never been disapointed using that method.

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