Outsmarted red ring of death?

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  1. Last week on thursday, I turned on my 360 and was wondering why it wasn't comin up then i look at my xbox and see 3 red rings. Shit!!!! huugggeee buzzkill, and i just smoked a blunt with a couple friends before :mad:

    My friend tells me to turn it off and unplug everything, which I do. I let it sit a good 30 seconds and turn it back on, then everything work perfectly fine and I go on beast mode on halo tres.

    Wtf happened? from what i've heard and what people have been tellin me, when their xbox got the red ring of death, it was instantly bricked but somehow mine is still alive. I'm just glad it works fine tho! :D
  2. If it happens again, there is a fullproof method. Turn your xbox off, take the hardrive out and wrap it in a towel or blanket completely. Turn it back on and let in sit like that for a good 10 minutes or so. Turn it back off, and plug everything back in. My xbox kept getting the damn red ring over and over, until i tried this. It's been about a month and it's been working fine ever since. I don't know why or how it works, but it works that's all i care about.
  3. it WILL come back sooner or later your xbox is broke! Next time call 1800myxbox explain to them what happened they will pay for you to ship your xbox to TX (takes about 3 weeks to come back) and they will send you a 1month xbox live card with your newly fixed xbox!
  4. Yeah, i know about this, i'm already on my third one in a little over a year. I'm just trying to postpone sending it away for as long as i can, i have the box and everything. Ha, just pushing it to the limit i guess until it's completely fucked
  5. So it's only a matter of time until it gets the red ring of death again? great..

    at least when it breaks and is eventually fixed i'll have a free one month :p
  6. Yeah, you cannot escape the RRoD. Was it actually 3 lights though? I have seen some that are different patterns of lights (all the patterns usually mean something different) and they can be turned off and back on and it works fine. But if so...

    Three lights in a partial ring usually means the processor is overheating (most often) but sometimes it can be something to do with the harddrive and/or harddrive connector to the box. If it is 3 lights, it may be the second. The first is usually unfixable in any way unless you replace the processor. The towel trick may work in this case as well (fight fire with fire).

    In any case, you are probably looking at about a couple weeks before the dreaded RRoD returns. Dum dum dum...!
  7. I wrap my box in my sweatshirt DAILY. Get it steamin' before i sit down for the game sesh. I usually get the 3 red lights like once a week.
  8. I didn't exactly have the RRoD, but my video quit working all together...but no RR0D. I could still here audio, just no video on the screen. Tried hooking it up to a different TV, used different cables....still no dice. Figured I was fucked cuz M$ wasn't fixing it unless I paid them $130....so I tried the towel trick and it worked!! The picture came back and everything is fine....WTF!! Either way, that towel trick is money....
  9. RROD = one of many reasons to get a ps3
  10. Sony - No free 3 year warranty.

    MSoft - Free 3 year warranty in case of RRoD.

  11. I've gotten the Red Ring of Death before.
    Turns out I just plugged it in incorrectly,
    plugged it in properly and never got it again.
  12. A lot of people call and complain about the RROD, the people run you through troubleshooting options. The first one being unplugging everything and making sure it is all plugged in correctly and secure.

    Chances are you just had something loose.
  13. That's a different light set up.

    When the ring pops up (what you are talking about) its all 4 controller lights.

    The RRoD is actually only 3 of the controller lights.

    I know it seems like every post you make I'm trying to prove you wrong :eek:, I'm just straightening this out for others who think so. Like, there are different light set ups for different problems. For instance, my friends Xbox had 3 lights in a different order for his disk reader being messed up.
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    exactly incase of RROD, ps3 you dont got worry about rrod

    not being a fanboy or nothing but imo ps3 is alot better system. My xbox freezes at least twice a week, while my ps3 i have gotten like two freezes since i got it over a year ago. *free internet* although i do like xbox live setup better. graphics about equal. sorry im rambling...
  15. Dude just watch out.

    A lot of people have there PS3's break down as well.

    And when it breaks down..
    Well you're fucked, you're up shit creek without a paddle so to speak.
  16. I have never had a PS3 or a 360 freeze on me. Lol

    XBL is a better set up.

    Also, the 3 year warranty covers more than RRoD. It was just lengthened because of RRoD.

  17. That is true, but havent heard of many ps3's breaking down. So far so good
  18. A lot of people don't have their 360s break down.

    Ps3 failure rate is at less than 1 percent.
    360 is at 33%.

    I have a 360 and it has gotten the 1 red ring.

    I've had to repair it myself 5 times now. No 3 year warranty on the 1 red ring.
  19. I've had my 360 mess up twice. Then I got a free new one from MSoft!

    Only one RRoD.

    The other time was probably my fault. It was some disk tray something.

    On the other hand, my Wii is working perfectly! =] Lols
  20. Yeah I had my xbox only 2 months before I got RROD. And there is no permanent fix? kind of ridiculous. Yeah microsoft is good about getting it fixed and paying free month all that but if its only gonna happen again, kinda sucks.

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