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  1. Hey GC i've been bored recently so i decided to send the british virsion of above the influence some emails, trying to find out how much they know about MJ. Notice how on the last one they just have one line telling me somthing with aboslutely no back up or proof and have not answered and more of my questions! Dumb governement fucks.

    I sent them this:

    It says on your site that cannabis has lots of 'nasties' that give you
    cancer and lung disease, I doubt this is true because how come no one
    has ever in all of history died from weed? Also lots of scientists have
    pretty well backed up ideas about cannabis actualy having cancer
    preventing properties so how can you claim somthing as a fact if plenty
    of respected scientists disagree? Also, if these 'nasties' are true then
    the only way to overdose would be to inject yourself with pure THC with
    an IV.

    They replied:

    Your right it is not thought to be possible to die by overdosing from
    cannabis. However smoking anything damages your lungs and makes you more
    susceptible to contracting cancer. The 'nasties' in cannabis (especially
    resin, which is cut with a variety of things, like petroleum and rubber)
    do not kill you directly, but they damage your lungs and make you more
    vulnerable to cancer, which definitely could kill you.

    I replied:

    yes i'm aware resin aka 'hash' can be
    laced with all sorts of things but isn't that just a call for
    legalisation? If cannabis was legalised and controlled surly we can stop
    people being poisoned by all these forign substances in the cannabis.
    Because no matter how illegal somthing is people are are still going to
    do it so why not make it safe for them? Also, i agree that smoking
    cannabis (or any substance) can damage your lungs and make you more
    vulnerable to cancer but thats not a direct effect of the cannabis
    itself. For instance what about eating cannabis or using a vapouriser
    surly there is no way that can make you more vulnerable to cancer
    because it has nothing to do with the lungs. And using a vaporiser all
    you injest is pure THC which has been proven to be safe. It just cuts
    out all other parts of the plant completely and I beleive this is
    completely safe.

    They replied:

    Using a vaporiser does not eliminate the effect on your lungs.

    Ha! they couldnt think of any counter-arguments! Exept one statement that has no back up or evidence!
  2. respect
  3. who exactly did you send this too?

    nice spelling errors in sending something to the government...
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    I'm surprised they actually responded to you. For the record, you should probably try using better spelling, punctuation, and grammar when talking to these sorts of people. They actually base their judgement on things like this.
  5. Who was this sent to got a link??? was it like bbc or some shit...
  6. Oh shit!

    It's the grammar police!
  7. I sent it to a governement funded organisation called FRANK. They're supposed to help kids with drugs or help adults brainwash kids into beleiving a load of shit.
  8. lol come on man, i dont think you "outsmarted the government" with that e-mail. honestly it just seems like you're making the stoner stereotype look like a reality.
  9. All I'm saying is that if you want a Government agency to actually care about what you say, you should try and make your letter presentable.

    Would you show up to an important interview in day-old sweatpants and sweatshirt?

  10. need more facts+research
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    Alright, mebey i didn't outsmart the government lol, it's not like i won a game of chess with george bush. But I'm suprised that a company that claims to be unbaised and know about drugs can't come up with a counter arguemnt.

    And who cares about the 'stoner stereotype' just do as you wish and let people think what they like about you.

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