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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by smokeboi1245, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. I wanna put a couple of my clones outside this year and I just gotta couple questions on wat would be the best way to grow it. First off I live in FL and i found a very good place in the woods I would be able to put a couple plants. Im concerned a little tho, April 20th (420!!!) is the day we start to get over 13 hours of daylight. Florida doesnt have that great of soil, so Im thinking I should put it in a big pot and just guerilla grow it. But do you think I should dig a whole in the ground so It can grow to its full potential? Also, florida is infested with bugs, and that is an understatement. Are bugs gonna eat my whole plant?? Im not really concerned about animals cause there arent a lot of deer around, and I can just piss next to the plant to keep them at bay. The last thing im really worried about is, thunderstorms. FL has some nasty storms, and im worried that the high winds and rain will kill the plant. I just want to take every step and make sure that the plant is safe and healthy...One last thing, i heard indicas are more favorable to survive in FL's climate than sativas are i dont know if thats true or not tho.
  2. I cant think too straight right now but guerilla growing with pots.... pfff *head shaking*
  3. big pots. like a 10 gallon pot lol, My bad i didnt make it clear enough, im stoned...
  4. Maybe but if it were up to me i would just plant em in the ground
  5. Just get some potting soil and perlite from wally world and put the plants into the ground.

    As for environmental factors I have posted on several forumns asking several questions to this effect and never recieved any information really.

    Just get out there and do it and you will learn alot.
  6. you could just put your clones into pots and tranplant them into the ground later. that could do fine.

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