outside "bagseed" grow picture upadates regularly

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  1. yo sup guys ima start growin in this spot in the woods. its chill, so i have 5 seeds germinating and ima put them in tommorrow ill get pictures up everyweek. or maybe evercouple days if they grow fast. be sure to check back in!
  2. germinating:
  3. Good luck shamrock. Just make sure there is enough light on your spot!!!
  4. That taproots gettin pretty big, are you planting soon?

    Oh yeah, look out for bugs and animals.
  5. I would plant that one thats sorta long if it is open toolong does it fail?
  6. ya they planted ill get pictures today of my spot and shit but ya i hope it works out and if they grow hopefully a couple of them are female
  7. [​IMG]

    now only one sprouted lol we looked for the seeds underneath but they all were missing. right now some more seeds are germinating so ill have to plant those soon. the one little sproutling is strong as fuck so hopefully its a she:D more pics soon to come check back in
  8. oh and we are using miricle grow soil

  9. First thing I learned about growing was NEVER use miracle grow, too much nutes.

    But whatever, you managed to sprout a seed so it'll probably survive, but try not to use something with such high nutrient amounts. Did you use the seedling starter miracle grow or just straight miracle grow? The starter's fine but the regular stuff is waay too strong at this stage. Just mix some 0-0-0 soil with some pearlite and water occasionally and it'll be just fine up until early to mid veg cycle.

    Good luck.
  10. Get it out of the Miracle GRow NOW.

    I started mine in MG and all was well but about 3 weeks in they all started to turn Yellow and DIe.
    I repotted them in some regular soil I bought the 1 is doing good. (first time)

    goodluck with your grow. But get them out of the MG now.


  11. yeah, miracle gro is designed to kill marijuana. i had the same problem. it wont kill ur stuff if u dilute the hell out of it, but then it doesnt even work hardly. compost is by far the best fertilizer in the world from my experience. all i used on my plants was compost and i got fuckin foot long buds the diameter of a soda can.
  12. its not the miracle grow.. ITS THE GROWER! designed to kill pot?( :laughing:) dude thats as wrong as 2+2=435786365798

    look at my grow, it is nothing BUT miracle grow... w/ ferts ... about 4 months old, does that make me like an expert grower or something? its only my 4th grow in the stuff.

    sorry if i came off as a dick but i need a smoke, imma do that now... glhf
  13. Man I grow with Miracle Grow and I have plants that are taller than my girlfriend. She's 5'0 but still, a 5 foot plant = sexy. Keep them in the miracle Grow, It did wonders for me.

    good luck
  14. u should not feed the wains anyway for about 3 weeks cos the soil there in got what they need man so dont feed for that time after that feed away but read the lable wisely:smoking:

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