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  1. Workin on an outdoor grow this year. I've had one successful harvest of a mere 1/4 oz, trying to do a little better this year. I've got two chicas (pray) that are a few weeks old, they are in 3 gallon buckets. I also have a few that just sprouted a few days ago. Right now they are in the window of a sunroom getting a good bit of direct sunlight.

    Pic 1 and 2- This is the biggest, healthiest plant. Grown faster from the start, hopefully its a girl.

    Pic 3 - This was planted the same time as the first plant, but its growth has been much slower and it seems kinda scraggly. Anyone know what the problem is.

    Pic 4 - Three new babies. Yes, they're in glass mason jars. I was away for a week and I called my partner and told her to start a few more seeds while I was gone. She couldn't find any containers and her genious idea was to use mason jars. Whatever, I'm gonna transpalnt them into 3 gal containers later today.

    Please comment.

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  2. That first plant looks healthy, good job. How long ago did you plant?
  3. The larger plant was planted in mid-april. The seedlings are probably a week old or so.

    I took some new pics after getting the seedlings into their buckets. The first pic is the three seedlings
    before transplanting. The second pic is the largest of the seedlings, in its new home. The last one is
    a pic of the larger plant. Does the tie down job look ok? I've never done it before so work with me
  4. here are the pics hopefully....

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  5. Seen some major progress since the last update. Tonight I'm going to prep holes in one of the locations. I'll be moving the biggest plants
    in the next few days.

    Here are the newly taken pics (taken by my partner who happens to know how to take a decent picture). The third and fourth pics are the
    oldest plants. The other three were planted around 3 weeks ago.

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  6. They'll do much better when you get them outdoors if you have them in a sunny spot. They don't appear to be getting enough light right now
  7. Yeah they are definitely lacking in light right now. They get a few hours of direct light per day. In their new spot they shoudl get a solid 8 hours of direct light, if not more. They've got a fan blowing on them now and they seem to be pretty sturdy so I think they're ready for the outdoors

    I just got back from digging holes at my first plot. Tomorrow I'll be going to put plants at the first plot and searching for a second plot. I'lll put pics up when they grow into their final locations.

    Wish me luck
  8. good luck with everything :)

    where do you live? ( just wondering the environment, since you're planting outside)
  9. I'm in the southeast.......It stays really hot here. I'm hoping the plants don't get shocked too badly when they move outside and have to deal with 90+ highs. Right now they're inside with the air conditioning.
  10. Just put two of the plants at the first plot. Went at night to avoid anyone seeing me, everything seemed to go well.....I'll be checkin them on Monday to make sure they like their new spot.

    I'll be moving the other three plants to the second plot soon, hopefully tomorrow. Had a little issue with the cat breaking one of the stems, and I'm trying to let it recover a little before putting it outside. Also, I've got three more seeds planted, just for insurance, two of them have popped above the soil.

    Updates with pics on Monday.
  11. I went out to check on the two plants and WOW have they grown. The largest plant has bushed out so much, I think the LST worked pretty well. The smaller plant seemed to have some damage caused by bugs, but should be alright. I think I'll make some sort of homemade bug spray recipe I've heard about with garlic, onions, etc....I need to look around for it.

    I also took 3 more plants out to another location about a week ago. I ran into some trouble transporting the plants through the blackberries, they were a little roughed up and one of them actually got its top ripped off (inadvertent topping lol). I went to check on them yesterday and they have grown noticably. I think they really like their new homes. I hate to see them go, I have nothing to stare at when I'm bored now. But I love how fast they're growing up. I feel like a dad who just sent his kids off to college or something........ Its kinda sad.

    I'll try and take pics on my next visit but its hard because I tend to visit them at night. PRAY FOR GIRLS PLEASEEEEE
  12. im prayin , i'd say pray for me but i use femmed seeds ^^
    7 ww's will make a nice harvest in october
  13. Went out to the first plot at about midnight. Took the time to take some night shots for you all. Here are two plants, the first being considerably older than the other.

    Pic 1 and 2 - the larger plant, which was previously tied down, top and side view. Lots of growth now that its in the full sun :D . Gave her a nice feeding of some guano tea so she'll be smiling tomorrow.

    Pic 3 and 4 - the smaller plant, top and side view. Just transplanted it from a 1 gal. to a 5 gal. container.

    Pic 5 - This is the area leading up to my plot. Watch out for the blackberries...

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  14. And here is what I picked up last night.......:smoking:

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  15. Them plants be lookin good. Send me one a bud when it be buddin. I'll holla atcha lata.:hello::smoking:
  16. Took a trip to the second plot to check on the 3 younger plants. They're coming along quite nicely, they were really dried out after a week with no rain, but I watered them and fed them some guano. Still have a slight bug problem, I keep forgetting to mix up some of that homemade insect spray. Other than that everything seems to be fine. I tied all three of them down, trying to keep them from getting too tall.

    let me know what you think.

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  17. I am curious to know if you are doing anything about animals around that area. I have noticed this year a commodious growth in the squirrel population around these parts. I would suggest either building some sort of large wall or have someone defend the plants. I will defend the plants for a certain price:smoking:. My price is an ounce for every month of defense. Let me know what ya think
  18. how are they doing dude ?
  19. Heres an update with the latest pics

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  20. still going great

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