Outdoor Yield Determined Mostly by Canopy Space - according to DEA

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  1. "The DEA found providing more room for the growing plants increased the yield and plants receiving more water and nutrients were bigger. The DEA plants yielding five pounds of dried bud and leaf were about 8 feet high and 8 feet in diameter with 50 square feet of canopy each. The DEA concluded diameter was one of the best predictors of finished yield.

    In 2004, Humboldt County adopted a medical marijuana ordinance establishing a maximum mature female marijuana plant canopy standard of 100 square feet rather than a plant limit. The ordinance determined 100 square feet of marijuana plantings would typically "yield three pounds of dried and processed cannabis bud per year." The county set the three-pound limit as "a reasonable amount for medical marijuana patients to cultivate, possess and consume."

    Wow, it takes a real genius to figure out that a big plant yields more than a small plant. I find it interesting that they count the leaf when weighing usable material. So not fair!

    The article was somewhat interesting if anyone else wants to read it. This was just a small snippet. cannabisnews.com: Marijuana, Usable Harvest
  2. And they prob.spent millions of our tax dollars to tell you that a larger plant produces more bud.
  3. Seriously! LAMO

    They should be paying us to do those studies! We would probably do a better job than them, if we were given all the money and space they have to work with. I'd love to grow with NO limits. Then they say every outdoor plant can yield as much as theirs did, yank a couple baby outdoor plants, and claim to have found a million dollar crop! As if we have the f'ing resources they do. I'd love to have room to grow 5 pound plants.
  4. Yep I have been trying to take as much surface space as possible not nessisarily height. I learned this a while ago. I hope to grow at least a 10lb plant sometime. This year I tried and fell short for a couple reasons. They will be some nice ones though. Next year I hope to see what I really can do. I don't quite get full sun though....
  5. That's a hefty goal! As of now I only have a 70 sq ft garden and have to keep my plants at or below 5 feet because of neighbors. Chest high bushes are about as big as I can get.

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