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  1. this is the first attempt i have made at growing that hasn't yet been eaten, found, died, etc, Ilive in kentucky, and i started really late in the season so i am planning on moving my plants back inside before the frost to let them bud. I refuse to spend 5-600 dollars on a setup, so i have been looking into LED grow lights. does anyone have any experience with them? and also, does anyone have any advice for moving my plants back inside without killing them? they are all in individual pots so i won't have to dig them up or anything.
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    listen, im honestly not trying to be a prick but what your saying is you want to grow indoors but not spend the money on a light? kind of a odd idea i must say... if your goal is to just finish these plants indoors on the super cheap you could buy a few 4' floros. like 10 bucks each and just have one on each side so close its almost touching. not the greatest but would prolly get you some whispy buds total cost under $55. or you could get on egay and buy a 250w hps for under $120 easy. that would do alot better job. the extra cost would be soooooooo worth it. good luck i hope this helped!!:smoking: also you should have no problems moving the plants inside temps are probally similar, theyll be fine.
  3. Actually, i don't plan on paying a lot because i am an electrical engineering major and after some research on this forum, i am going to be building my own LED lighting array with a very large number of mid power LEDs in blue, red, white, UV, and IR. They will be powered by an old 500 watt computer power supply, and i will be housing this array as well as the plants in a completely closed grow box with reflective surfaces, most likely foil since i don't know of anything that is as cheap and reflective. All of the different colored lights will have their own dimmer switches, and there will also be a small computer fan for ventilation as well as a CO2 diffuser using an old 20oz tank and valve assembly from my paintball gun. Obviously i will be using ferts, and from what i am told, the plants only need to be watered once a week since LED's put off almost no heat. Am i missing anything else or do i seem to be decently prepared so far?
  4. sounds like youve got a good plan to me, although i have no direct experience with the LEDs ive heard good things. just change the reflective material from foil (it will cause hotspots) to mylar you can get it online through egay or lots of hydro stores. good luck!!:smoking:
  5. My system right now is just a jerry rigged double CFL system for 1 plant, but it has been growing for a month now and it looks pretty good, i will just have to stick with this system until i get enough money to build my LED grow box, which will hopefully happen before this baby gets to budding.

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