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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Marie-jane, May 1, 2006.

  1. I was wondering, how can I tell if the stream of water near my patches are clean enouf for my plants to be watered with it. I saw some wildlife drinking some of it so im guessing whats good for them should be good for my plants also:smoking: ...right?

  2. I cant imagine it could be "that" bad. Make sure you test the PH of the water, it should be neutral, not too acidic or basic. Im sure u can find a little kit to test water samples. I prefer bringing my own purified water, so i know my plants are getting the best grow environment possible ;)

    - Vince
  3. I am able to grow on my terrace, which is fortunate, as there is no rain at all here in the MJ growing season, summers are hot and dry. I use tap water, which I let stand for a day - there is no other choice, apart from expensive bottled mineral water.
    In August my ladies need 6 litres of water a day EACH. I would hate to have to carry that amount any distance to them.
  4. But when you think about it rain isnt clean either it goes all over the world and brings shit along with it. I got a Ph test for my pool so I will use that to check it. Thanks

  5. actually besides acid rain water, rain water is best it has dissolve nitrates that are caused by the heat of lightning, basically nitrogen that helps your plant green and grow nice and big .... faster!

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