outdoor smell?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by pyronym, May 19, 2010.

  1. Just started my first outdoor grow and I was wondering when my plant/s go into flowering what will the smell level be like? I guess it's all subjective but will the smell be relegated to the general area of the bud or will I be able to smell it from the distance of a football field? If you can smell it from a good distance I may be moving it. I only have 2 plants right now so it's not like there's a whole field of cannabis.
    Oh the link if you are interested is in my sig.
  2. under the right conditions on a windy day you will be able to smell it up to 100 yards away. MJ smells pretty damn strong during flower.
  3. Will there be a trail of smell or will it just be like when you are outside and you swear you smell pot and then poof it's gone.
  4. well if the wind is blowing constantly from the same direction. I could just follow my nose like Toucan Sam. Yes, someone can just smell they're way to it.

    Have you ever had a dead mouse under your dryer or somewhere in your house? Could you find it by sniffing out the rotting flesh? Same deal dude.
  5. Yep, this is one reason that outdoor growing is difficult for most to maintain stealth. Unless you have a lot of open, uninhabited space you risk someone smelling it, finding it, or seeing you traipsing back and forth tending to it.
  6. traipsing I love that word. I'm only traipsing about once a week just to snap a quick pic. The closest house is about 150 yards away but the area is fenced in. Fuck it I'm just going to leave it and risk it. It's only 2 plants and they are pretty well hidden.

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