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  1. I have 4 small plants in a fenced in garden. They are camouflaged by the other (legal) plants. Curious, can the police inspect my garden freely just on an anonymous tip or something? I'm just worried if they happen to come by for an unrelated reason - like a gas odor and they think they see something poking out from the garden (unlikely but you never know) - do they have free reign to inspect?

    Is it illegal to grow male plants or female plants not flowering? Should I only worry once they begin flowering?
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    In Oregon there is no ZERO inspection laws. You do not have to show them anything.

    The only catch is the plants have to be out of plain view from the street as a car or person would walk by.

    I would say look at your state laws. You need to know this stuff. Also keep a copy of your paper work hidden on the front porch. This way you can tell them to go get it. DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR and talk to them. Come outside and shut your door. Then gt your paper work of the porch. Never open the door and let them in. Once you let them in. The cops and go and do what they want regardless what you say.

    Always step outside and shut the door. In Oregon, do not fall for the they can inspect your grow tactic. This is not the case here.

    Again plain view is considered from street level as a person wuld walk by looking from the street only. Not your nieghbors upper level window. Or any window for that matter. Just the street.
  3. Americans for safe access website has tons of info.

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