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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by jeeptoker, May 13, 2011.

  1. I have a plant thats only about 5 days old that already shows some yellowing in one of its leaves. Im using basic miracle gro potting soil. The bag says it feeds for up to 6 months.
    anyone know what could cause the yellowing this early in the game?

    sorry for not taking a picture. I've got the plant stashed in an area that allows me to check on it only during the night hours, and I can't use a camera without drawing attention.

  2. Hi.

    Would u like to have:

    A. - a long and tedious - ph problem plagued, and nutrient disorders, etc...grow ???


    B. - an enjoyable, low maintenance and memorable grow ???

    If u picked B, then I recommend u transplant to a neutral soil that
    u can control. Its alot more fun.

    Wait about 5 more days to xplant.

    If u dont wanna go that route, u could try flushing the shit outta
    the soil. It will not get rid of the problem tho. There will still be
    hot spots in the soil.

  3. Are you sure its the potting soil im using? couldn't it be my tap water I'm using to water it with? or is miracle grow notorious for having a high ph level?
  4. Yes, Im positive its the hot soil.
    Although it can be done with MG, the nutes they use
    are the same as others, its the timed-release way
    that they process them. This causes them to be
    unpredictable in their delivery, caustic and harsh.

    They say its slow released over time ie - 6 months.
    It never works out that way, its always BANG, BANG, BANG
    on the plant.

  5. ok cool so I'm gonna try and flush it. how do I go about doing this? also what about lime. what type of lime could i try to bring the ph down. thanks
  6. Dont worry about introducing lime right now.
    Just run water thru it a few times so it drains
    out the bottom holes.

    This will somewhat cool down the soil, making
    it easier for the plant to learn how to eat.

    Feed it just water after that, for a good week.
    Keep it moist, not wet.


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