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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Bluntalizer, Aug 4, 2002.

  1. Do I need to keep the plants out of the rain? I am going to start with 5 plants, should I buy five square pots? What do i need to grow the plants in, like dirt, soil, fertilizer, etc? How can i make the scent stronger?
  2. First off if your growing outside then all you need to get is like peat moss, perlite, normal pots-what everysize, and mabe some 20-20-20 Organic plant food for further refference.You can purchase all this shit real cheap at Home Depot. Why would you wanna keep your plants outta tha rain? Unless its raining like really hard everyday then i suggest you you just leave em in a shallow place.GooD LucK!
  3. Aite, good help! thanks, I am going to put about 5 seeds(going to try to start with 5 plants)in some paper towels and get the sprouts then put all that in the pots and plant the sprouts in the pots and see what happens.....
  4. you should use containers with a 3-5 gallon capacity, square containers are best as they usually have a larger capacity.
    good luck
  5. hay to give some hints your better off just puting the seed's in the dirt and sproting the but if you like the paper towl if it is easar do it but some times it will put them in to shock becuas of the temp just figerd i would help i yous to grow out doors and all ways just but the seed in the dirt and never hade a roblem okay hope this helps peace

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