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    cannot grow the seedlings on my property. im thinking of a rig, and i want you, GC to tell me if it would work. :wave: this would be before i transplant to the ground, i want them to get big enough before i do that. lol.

    seedlings all in their individual cups, in a box, with fishing line woven over the top to protect from birds or whatever other critters. to protect from slugs, the bottom of the box would be thinly filled with salt, so theres no way the slugs could reach the sprouts. because ive seen on youtube videos of slugs going right over a copper strip.. would this setup work if made correctly? would any animal be able to penetrate this? lol. i suppose any bugs could pose a legitimate threat to the health of my young and vulnerable seedlings. what other measures could i take?

    i can see a slug walking across the fishing line and james bonding down into the seedlings avoiding the salt. :smoke:

    any other suggestions?
  2. Pee around your spot (or buy wolf/other urine at a sporting goods store) and use blood meal if predatorial animals (bears, wolves, cougars etc.) aren't present in your area. Moth balls and chicken wire are also popular choices.
  3. Place in soil after papel towel or glass method.
    Use chicken wire (make a little cage). Also you can use little stakes around to make a shelter against the sun. So they get a couple hours sun. Place in peat based mix in solo cups. Water every 4 or 5 days. Sprinkle a 3-4 inch layer of coarse sand around (against slugs) and/or use blue chemical bait against slugs (watch especially after rains as that 's when they come out to eat young sprouts. After 10 days give em more sun. Leave in cups for 3 weeks.
  4. okay that helped a little lol. im just gunna wing it and hope for the best. can anyone maybe describe what they have done to start their seedlings outdoors using as cheap materials as possible?
  5. Chicken wire spray painted green if you need to keep out rabbits and deer if you make it high enough. Not sure on slugs though as there not where I live. Sorry if I'm not that much help. But I'm sure they make a pesticide for slugs though.

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