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Outdoor Pot Size Max Yield

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by GreenLobster, May 28, 2012.

  1. I know it's fairly late, starting a plant now but I have a Critical Super Silver Haze which I will start tomorrow. So my question is, considering I have a spot which receives direct sunlight from 7am to 7pm at the moment, would it be better to get a 30 or 50litre pot for yield. I really want to get a fat yield of this one, but I'm not sure if the 50litre is needed. I have around 2 months of veg time left, so is the 50litre worth it? Bearing in mind I will slowly be transplanting up to 50l from smaller pots, over the first few weeks.

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    50 liters?
    Most growers looking for yield use 30 gallons minimum. If you're at home and legal (all day sun), I'd go for 30-50 gallons not 50 liters. My guerilla spots have 40 gallon pots.
    Even if it's a bit late, you still got 2 months+ veg, and with so much sun (it is the main factor), and if you use an airy soil mix with enough organic food (or other), the plant will fill up the 30 gallon pot very easily. I would say 30 or 40 gallons for your situation.
  3. Yes I thought someone might say that but 40 gallons will presumably produce a massive 7ft monster which I not ideal to be honest (guerrilla spot visibility) but what do you think I would yield using just 50litres?
  4. If they get all day sun, they will stay squat and fat but will be thicker and give a lot of bud. And if someone finds your grow area, whether it is a small pot with a smaller plant or a bigger pot with a bigger plant won't change the fact that it is seen. Reducing the size will restrain their yield and have them flower earlier (which can be good if your season is short)
    If you use 50 liters, they will yield about 5 ozees maybe 7.
    With 20-30 gallons, they will yield a pound.
    With 50 gallons, it'll be close to 2 pounds per plant.
  5. Thanks man, you have helped me a lot, one more thing, do you know any other type of 30-40 gallon container other than Smart Pots? I live in the UK, so it isn't as easy getting all the materials as it is in America :). I don't mind using something makeshift, I mean as long it can hold the plant, it's cool.
  6. sure man, no problem. yes I make my pots with a tarp, 1/2 inch thick bamboo stakes (in garden centers), chicken wire and small pieces of wire (10 cms about).

    Stick the 3-4 foot long stakes where you want the pot to be (I use 5) in the soil. 1/2 foot should be in the soil, the rest out.

    Place the chicken wire around the 5 stakes.
    Use the pieces of wire so the c. w. is attached to the stakes.

    wrap the tarp around the chicken wire and tie the tarp with more ties ons to the stakes by piercing the tarp and tieing it all to the stakes.

    that's it.

    they are bottomless pots but (self watered) but you can add something under if you want to close it and will hand water.

    calculate the size and cut the tarp/c.w accordingly (both have the same size). For 40 gallon pots, I use 2,20 meters x 80 cms.

    good luck
  7. Thanks again man, and the pot idea is great, I will be trying it out :)
  8. Two months of veg time is enough to fill up 100 gallon smart pots no problem idk where you are or temps but up by me if you plant mothers day using proper soil nutes and teas. Youll have no problem filling up a 100 gallon smart pot.

    Why dont you just use heavy duty trash bags with wholes poked in the bottom? That's allot of work IMO. If you
  9. Can find roots organic 707 the big bags there 25 or 30 gallons I believe... And you can cut the top and poke wholes in the bottom. Directions are on the bag.
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  11. Ye, I was thinking of doing it in a bin bag as that's the only thing really big enough for 30 gallons of soil. But I had some wire in my shed, so I threw together a rough copy of what Corto mentioned above earlier today. Anyway I'm getting a freebie, so there is every chance that it may be going into a bin bag, as I have no more wire. Yh I'm in the UK and over the past week the weather has been bliss, my auto Onyx has been getting so much light and warmth that in my opinion it wouldn't grow much better indoors.
  12. Hey im in the UK too, can you not dip holes at your gurilla site and fill them with compost of your choice?
    saves money on materials and you can dig it as big as you want.

    One of my gurilla spots has a hole with 50l of potting compost and perlite mix. was a bit of work but worth while.
  13. Yh I mean for the rig I made I'm gonna dig like maybe half a foot into the soil to make the plant generally shorter when it grows upwards. However my friend had his plants uprooted by rabbits and also the ground is extremely hard everywhere near my spot, with clay right under the soil. Also I have trampled nettles littered across the floor, which makes it difficult for me to dig anyway and it will be tough out 100l of clay, so ground holes are pretty much out of the question. :(
  14. It takes me 5 minutes to make them on the spot. Really easy but use what you got.
    You need

    4 or 5 stakes
    green tarp
    chicken wire (to give it body)
    thin wire

    that's it! the soil will hold it down. Drive the stakes 1/2 foot in the soil. If you look at last year's journal you'll see the pots I made. Very easy to transport and to make.
  15. Cool man, so I just finished the container, I worked out volume is about 100l which undoubtedly will be enough for a solid yield. But yh here's a link tell me if it looks anything like yours Corto haha. I'm on the phone so I had to use Flickr, let me know if something is wrong with the link.

    Welcome to Flickr!
  16. You could buy those cheap round trash bins, the ones people put at the end of their driveway for the trashman, cut them in half and their about 20 gallons, they work good and I used them for my first grow, I use smart pots now though.
  17. Yh that's good dude, I have a Fruity Chronic and a White Widow to pot up aswell so I guess that bins could be easy and suitable for potting. Cheers man :)
  18. Is the 909 in your flickr name from the 909 drum machine by any chance?
  19. Haha nope it's not, you took a wild guess there lol :D
  20. I guess you just aren't into techno music like I am lol

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