outdoor plot, WW, SLH,BBA;AK47 and CRONICE

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  1. my 1st year growing didnt start how i expected, i have only brought the finest seeds from around the world, planned and read as much as i could and planed for everything to go perfect!!! what a mistake i made... so fare i have brought 20 fem seeds!!! and at the moment only three are growing..

    the plot was ment to be for the tangreen dreams seeds cannibis cup winner 2010 from barnys coffie shop, the seeds came just before christmas, i managed to get the 1st batch off seeds, when they came they looked very small, which supprised me, still i was hopefull... all the seeds died!!! not one germanated and barnys just ignored me!!!!!! so not happy with barnys,,, turns out that they rushed loads off seeds in to the shops...the seeds where replaced by dope seeds,good lads :)..got 5 pinapple gum, which are planted yesterday in coco mix, so just waiting for them,,, also i have white wido, only one seeds germanated out off twowhich is the one that in the photo,,, and super lemonhaze, brought 4 all 4 germanated but i planted right in to soil and only 2 came up, one is weak and only has one leaf which is a little deformed:( zink deficiency ) which dont really seem to be growing ither... the other is starting to turn a little yellow :( but the white widdow is lovly and green.. so hope all gose well....

    i have ak47 auto germanating nicely and bluberry auto and cronic :)so i should have a nice selcetion if they all turn out ok....

    ill upload soem more pic later, :)

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  2. I had bad luck with the Tangerine Dream too...Only 1 out of 5 made it and she's a little smaller than the others. Your prep looks GREAT and I have grown theAK47, WW and SLH, all good but the AK is prone to rot late in the season. Good luck bro!
  3. how big are those holes?

    and how is the general area that you chose to plant ur girls?

    im always curious bout this. most of the place i choose are near people.

    does ur spot have like trees blocking? cuz it seems like it.
  4. thanks greenwatcher! the holes are about half a foot deep, i regret doing this now as i find that the soil, even tho it has a good ph and it was all dug in the fall and filled with good manure, it seems to have compacted hard and dranage is a little poor, but then it has been raining a lot these past few days....

    i have now filled the other 4 empty holes with unversal compost and will be putting my pinaplegum in them... not sure where to plant my cronic yet grown or pot..
    teh area off my plot seems to be a natural perfect stop for growing, the plot runs east to west, surrounderd by ever green and small oak in about a 40 by 30 foot clearing in a private wood miles from nowhere so yes blocked by trees will get direct sunlight all day , so its perfect i think,, o and ive put lots off human hair cuttings to try deter wild bore.. dont want then getting high off my babys ;)

    and also thanks oldpork just hope they all grow well, i will keep this updated,,, which reminds me, i did a plant trasplant today, the small slh was replanted in coco, i dug her up and used water to gentaly wash away the mud from the roots while being very carfull not do damage them or let them dry out. i did this very quickly,,, she is in the same hole but i have filled them all with with compost from a bag,,, nothing special, she should recover nicely now her roots can spread out more, teh normal soil is to clayey i think and compacts hard, which from what i have read is not good for teh plant they need soft easy soil for there roots to grow nice and healthy....
  5. yea i think i got same problem with clay soil if i choose this one spot.

    i hear that if you dig a mound kinda like a castle moat. it will drain extra water into the deeper part and the roots stay on the mound so as to not get root rot.
  6. You can add sand to clay, as well as compost to amend the soil.
  7. i heard that they liek a bit of sand,
  8. Promotes drainage.
    Google it. :D
  9. Her jungle jim finally found your thread. Looks good your location.Happy growig!

  10. 1 out off 4 pinapple gum is just about alive, the ww is growing slowly but she looks good, i have a blueberry gum auto which seems to have stopped growing for some reason,:( i just cant seem to eep them alive, the hot direct sun killed the ak 47 and pinapple gum and rain killed teh superlemon haze... now im germinating some kc brian 36 and ufo sweat grape, the kc are reg seeds and will be grown in pots.,, i hope i have better luck with theres that with my others, so far i have lost 5 TD 1 Cronic, 1 super critical auto, ak47 auto, 3 superlemon haze and 3 pinapplegum :( now all i have growing is 1 ww, which is still at in seedling stage, shes was germanated 15.4, 11 and shes not getting any bigger for some reason, one slh which was attaced by something and now the leaves or new shoots are really small and undeveloped and compacked,and 1 pinaple gum which is growing slow.....

    ive put netting up to help screen the miday sun,...
  11. all pinapplegum dead :( the ww seems to have stopped growing but looks healty and green just seems to have stopped :( my slh reminds me off a bonsi, all the baby leaves are tiny and i mean tiny!!! its not groing normal.. i belive i knwo why, must be the soli as i planted the seed in the soil... from now on all seeds will be planted in compost mix!!!! :(

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