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  1. Hello :)

    I have 4 Big Bang feminized from The Greenhouse and since a 2 weeks or so they started turning yellow. It started near the ground and I cut of the yellow leaves. Any idea how I can make my plants healthy again?


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  2. You could have bad ph, over or under watering, under feeding.

    Bad ph can lockout nutrients.
    Over or under watering causes the droopiness.
    Under feeding if your ph is good.

    How often do you water and feed them?
    What do you use?
    Do you test for ph or just water from the hose?
  3. Hi,

    I don't know about the pH, I don't have a pH meter.
    I do not feed them, just soil and water, the water is from a water tank in my back yard which holds rainwater.

    I used to water them every evening but since they've gone bad I stopped watering them.
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    Your ph is good then. Rain water should be around 7.

    Feed them and give them a good watering every 5 days or so.

    Don't water them until the leaves perk back up. When that happens, and the soil feels dry a few inches down, then water again.


    Don't water until you see your leaves start drooping again. That would indicate they need water since you havn't watered in a while. Then just stick to that watering schedule. If it took them 10 days to droop, then water every 9th day. etc...


    Water ,water, feed. Say you fed them tomorrow, you'd wait the 5 or so days then water, wait 5 or so more days then water, 5 more days feed. And keep that schedule.

    I would recommend you go with organic nutrients, check em out on google. There are many, and you could make your own too.

    Watering everyday in the ground is too much.
    Everything above is just an example and you'd have to figure out when to water them. I've only grown hydro, and soil pots. With soil I didn't even come close to watering everyday. And your plants are in the ground where the dirt is going to stay wet a lot longer than a pot.
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    What kind of nutrients should I buy then? Like a liquid for in the water or more something like fertilizer?
    What ratio of nutrients should be in there? Like how much N how much P and how much K?

    I stopped watering for a week now and the leaves are still hanging at the top but are quite normal at the bottom half.

    Thanks :)
  6. I think this is a good starter kit, but I'd read a little more before going with any nutrients. You could cause a lot of damage if you use them wrong.
  7. Hi,

    That's the only way to save my plants?

    I think thats quite expensive and I'm not sure if they ship to the Netherlands. Can't I just use something like liquid fertilizer for roses or orchids or something like that?

  8. Hi,

    So should I put some compost on top of the soil around my plants or are there any better ways to apply the compost, or shouldn't I use compost at all but something else? Something I can make at home easily?


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