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  1. I been lookin but can't seem to find any recent threads about pest control so I'm just gonna post my questions here.
    Im just preparing a new outdoor plot and I'm noticing a lot of snails around and I know they love ganja.
    Is there a repellant or something else that's tried and true that I can do? 
    Ive read that they cant cross copper, does anyone know if this is true?
    Someone has to know the answer on here!

  2. copper is kinda expensive isn't it?  and every thief out there and his brother are stealing it and recycling it. i could show you a trick that involves a toilet paper roll and a stick of dynamite!  oh,wait a minute.... never mind. hahaha just kiddin'. anyone else?
  3. I herd dried and crushed egg shells work. And well I got them around my babies and no slimy bastards have killed them yet
  4.  don't care how much it costs, I just wanna protect my plants.
    I jus went to dig a few more holes today and noticed some pretty big wild rabbits, do they eat plants?
  5. Yea I heard that too but I also heard that can attract animals and encourage them to dig!
    I already know there's coyote, today I found out why, big rabbits!
  6. Circle the plant with salt

  7. i would get some sort of fence around your plants like chicken wire or something. I had coyotes dig up one of my plants and carry a smaller pot about 30 feet then dropped it.

  8. And neem oil works pretty well for bugs idk about snails though. Just dont apply in when the suns up

  9. Do not do that. You will burn your plants. Neem is oily. It would be like putting on cooking oil for sunscreen and then go tanning.
    Neem must be applied early morning like just after sunrise or 2 hrs before sunset. And neem will do nothing for snails.
  10. I already thought about that, but wouldn't that contribute to toxic salt buildup in the soil?
  11. Don't put it that close. And salt is what 90% of those bottled fertz are. If you not 100% organic I would see a problem.
  12. Yeah I'm all organic this year, sick of dealing with plant problems.
    You think the salt for sidewalks would work just as good?
  13. Dig a hole around the outside of the pot or whatever , and then make a circle around the outside of the hole using snail pellets , also you can put some down the hole , works great and anything that try's to pass will die , you can also try chicken wire with small holes as slugs and snails , can't get through and find it difficult to climb.
  14. circle the plants with epsom salt..
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    Diatamatious earth bro... Gets any crawling bugs. Cuts them to pieces :) I like the idea of the epsom salt too. I'm sure that ones a lot more fun to watch lol
  16.  like I have got the answered I was lookin for...thanks alot guys...really appreciate it!
  17. liquid fence..... Walmart big gallon or spray style. smells like nasty egg bombs back in the day... shit is serious. $11 but  worth it 
  18. lmao im melting!!... umm i was going to suggest sticky traps around the stalk.. i mean grasshoppers are a bitch.. but anything that doesnt fly/hop will be caught in the glue..
  19. I heard sand also works. I never seen a snail or slug crawling over sand.
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    that's why i said " don't" not "do". lol.

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