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  1. Hi there, this is my first post and 2nd grow (no nutes used on my first grow). I live somewhere that makes it hard to find alot of stuff so I will tell you what im planning and let me know what you think. All tips and advice with be greatly appreciated.

    Im planning on vegging 3 to 4 fem seeds indoors in 15l pots under 100w cfls (I have 4 for each plant) for up to 6 months then moving them outdoors to natural 12/12 light in 50l pots.

    Now for some info on where I live. At the moment its the rainy season and raining until october or november therefore im vegging indoors. The humidity is always high (60%-80%) and is always hot (27c-33c) outdoors so im thinking a couple of outdoor fans and coverage will be necessary. I will move the babies out in feb or march when its sunny although the humidity doesnt change.

    I want to grow all organic so let me know if you think this wont be good enough.

    For veg I will mix some soil, worm castings, coco coir and some egg shells in 15l pots and transfer the seedlings when 2-3 weeks old (only grown in soil). I will prepare aerated chicken manure tea (for npk) and aerated worm casting tea (for beneficial bacteria-microbes). I will feed the chicken tea once a week (starting very weak and adding more each feeeding) and the worm compost once a fortnight applying the same technique as the chicken tea (adding more each feeding).

    During the veg cycle I will be composting potato skins to use in the flower cycle. Should I vermicompost or is normal composting better? I have loads of worm castings already for worms that have been feeding on elephant manure (from outdoor growing psilosybe cubensis, yummy!).

    For the flowering I will mix the potato skin compost, egg shells, worm castings(or worm tea a couple of days after transfer), coco coir and soil. I will also use some seaweed that I collect at the beach (rinsed) and some sugar cane as mulch. Will I need anything else for p-k or should the potato skin compost suffice? Have I got anything wrong?

    I have also researched mold resistant strains and have ordered a variety which I will post below.

    Please let me know what you think would work or go wrong and any problems I should expect along the way.

    Happy farming :)
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    -Strawberry Cough
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