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  1. This is my first grow and I made a mistake in when I moved plants outside. I live in central California and I placed all of my plants outside in mid April and many are flowering at around 2 feet and 4 are just babies still with little buds growing. What my question is, since I realized my error, is will these ladies go back into veg as the days get longer? And if so how much growth do you think they will get and how much damage have I done to my crops yield?

    If it helps the strains are:

    2x bubba kush
    3x grape god
    1x super lemon haze
    1x sharks breath
    2x blue mystic


    2x GDP
    2x sour grape

    I'm not devastated as long as I get meds to last me til next season, which I'm slightly worried about. Thanks for any help! :)

    Edit: I'd like to add bringing them indoors with lights is unfortunately out of the question.
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    The plants will reveg. The time they waste switching between flowering and reveging could have been spent better, but you should still pull a respectable crop. Next year, when you give your plants a friendlier veg cycle, you will know exactly how much this mistake cost. Anything else would be speculation.

    What did your light cycle look like before you moved them outside?
  4. The four small plants went out when it was a bit cloudy and rainy and the others went out when it was all sunshine and the days started to get longer, 2 weeks ago I'd say. The days are really long now with Sunshibe starting at 5am and ending around 7:30-8. I'm curious about my losses but know this is a learning experience and my first outdoor grow. Thanks for your assistance!
  5. I don't think I said that right. What times did you run your lights while the plants were indoors?
  6. you MAY also have a few herms due to the switch,
  7. i'd start more right now as well, i dunno about there, but we have a long enough season where i cam to run two waves of plants here, early season, late season... possibly 3 if you time things just right..
  8. How can you tell if a plant is herm or not? Also, you think it would be wise to start another batch even if these are going to reveg?
  9. if it's hermi it will make both male and female parts in an attempt to pollenate itself.... only reason i say start more is because the ones i tricked into flowering early will be done and i'll still have plenty of season to grow another bunch from seed/clones (obviously not clones from this plant lol, it's too small)


  10. Unless the Retarded Texan is referring to autoflowers, you still only have one harvest season.

    Starting up some more plants to put out wouldn't be a bad idea, if only to insure yield. At my latitude in the Southern U.S., if a plant can survive a transplant in June, it can produce.

    If you had a hermy plant, it probably would have been noticed by now. Going outside of the usual veg-flower-harvest cycle could reveal something later, but throwing out more plants now would alleviate any worries.:)

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