Outdoor marijuana growing in florida

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by growinpot, May 30, 2009.

  1. Hey my friend got some weed and it had a shit load of seeds in it so i took a couple of them i read allot of stuff before i planted them so i kinda knew what todo.

    I live in south Florida and its hot and very humid everyday.

    I planted a seed and i just checked today and the shell has opened up and the leg/spike whiteish green root is digging down into the soil and the seed is about to sprout.

    i am growing it in a soil peet and i need to move it will the plant die if i move it to different soil?
  2. you can transplant just dont tear the tap root... why didnt we just start in a pot of soil?
  3. well was scared of bugs hurting my baby and i didn't not have a good spot and i just found one.

    How old should the plant be when i transplant?
  4. and your transplanting into the ground or a pot?
    in your spot will they be in the ground or a pot?
    and starting with one seed isnt a good idea there a 50% chance that seed could be male....
  5. This is a waste of time.

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