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  1. There is a light pole on my property and my plant is close enough to the light that i am wondering if it will effect the plants abillity to bud. The light isnt brighter than a full moonlight but im still worried. anyone have the same issue or know if it will work?

    The pic was taken by a camera with flash. Not the light from the pole lol

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  2. i think youll be ok
  3. Well the moon is supposedly 1/3 of what it takes to throw of the flowering cycle.. Im sure that this light will mess with you plants a bit man. Any way to move it or block the light out from it?
  4. ull be fine bro ..it has to be pretty fucking bright ..ive seen the same situation plenty of times over the years ...ull be all good
  5. Thanks for the info. i hope u are right knowlege. its still to early to know so i guess we'll find out the hard way huh lol. But ill keep some pics comin of progress and hopefully we'll be seein buds
  6. You'll be ok. I have to do grow plants under a energy company's light that is on my rural property. Granted the plant's have never been kept directly under the light, just in the residual area. I've flowered and harvested many plants in the area. They don't seem to be affected.
  7. awesome. thats a relief man i thought all this work and im not going to get shit. thanks for the info everyone

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