Outdoor issues - plants quickly dying!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Moto823, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. Well, what started as an indoor grow in the beginning of march under some CFL's went to a full blown indoor with a 400W hps and in june made its way outside to the lovely new england weather.
    Earlier they had many issues with fert toxicity - i believe that subsided because they were healthy for quite some time. However, my last trip to check on them had many dying leaves!

    Yellowing leaves with some curling under and drooping and eventually dead leaves.
    It mostly effects my Big Bud plants, the unknown sativa strain has lost few if any leaves since it went outdoor. The Northern Lights has less dying leaves, but still some.

    Big Bud #1 and #2 both seem to be in very early stages of flowering and have been for atleast a week or two.
    The tops of the plants look very healthy and green, however the bottoms are mostly bare stems or dead leaves!
    Also, both Big bud's have gone to 5 and even 3 leave sets, i cant find a single 7 leaf on either of them!

    They have not recieved any water(rain seems sufficent?) or nutes other then what they got naturally since i planted them in mid june.
    Im afraid i dont have any new pictures, only old ones from when they were inside.

    How might i save them? Dying yellowing leaves are quickly moving up the stalk. Its not like the fert toxicity from before, they are curling slightly and more yellowing then anything, leading me to believe perhaps a pH issue or something along those lines?


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