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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Buckshot69, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. My plants are 4 weeks into flowering,and are well over 7 ft tall. My problem is: I'm seeing yellowing of many leaves and what seems to me to be slow bud growth. There are many small buds everywhere, but doesn't seem like they're getting any bigger. I have them in ground. Can they be nutrient locked up, and if so what's best way to get them healthy again? I flushed them really heavy 2 days ago with plain water, is there anything more I should do? We have been getting a lot of rain here this year. 15 out of last 18 days we've had rain. Humidity here is like 87% temp mid 90's. Could this just be heat issues?
  2. where's the pics dude wtf?

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  4. you have thrips damaging the leaves and rootzone ph issues ...gotta get both adjusted and fast...OR it will continue. plenty of info on how .


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  5. Your plants look perfectly healthy to me.

    Once the days keep getting shorter they will start flowering more and more.

    Did you Lime your holes? If you didn't, do it next year.

    You can't flush the earth - and on top of all the rain you're telling us about it probably is slightly overwatered.

    Be patient dude. Don't try and fix "issues" because you see a few yellowing or spotted leaves.

  7. No I didn't lime the holes. Rookie grower here. I know Yes, I'm sure they are over watered some because of all the rain. So how do you get plants in the ground to not be nutrient locked up? My pH in soil says between 6-6.5
  8. Im getting rain daily here, unususal....leave them alone

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  9. I use neem oil until the 3rd week of budding but mostly on the leaves and the undersides as preventative maintenance...DON'T soak buds in any chemical really ...some say you can...but ..WTF...they aren't the ones gonna smoke that chit.right? ...your plants don't look that bad...only you know really....a pic can tell a million lies....the thrips are obvious ..as is some leaves being cannabis eyed by the plant itself ... which could be a lot of different reasons why...


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  10. "So how do you get plants in the ground to not be nutrient locked up?"

    I'm not sure why you're thinking this exactly - they look good - leave them be and let them do their thing. You'd be seeing some pretty messed up looking plants if you actually had "nutrient lock" - and you don't.

    Your soil pH should be fine if that is in fact the case (6.0 to 6.5).

  11. Ok Thanks

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